Learning to Trust God

Just when you panic and think God hasn't heard your prayers, you get the answer.

Posted in , Apr 11, 2016

Learning to trust God in times of stress.

I’ve been stressing a bit lately. Maybe more than a bit. Since the beginning of the year, it seems like we’ve had an unending merry-go-round of things to deal with—and it’s felt like someone keeps making the ride go faster.

My husband and I have both been dealing with health issues, and we’ve had many weeks with two and three medical appointments. (I told Paul we need a new kind of social life!) Our family business has been extra busy, and there was that fun mountain of tax stuff to conquer. Add in being on faculty at several conferences, multiple business trips and a plethora of writing responsibilities, and it’s been hectic.

And did I mention that I’m also on deadline for two books? That’s where the real stress has come in. It’s hard to be creative when life is that stressful, especially when you’re worried about your spouse’s health.

I know we’re supposed to trust God, and I’ve tried. I’ve really have. But I want to be real with you, so I’m being honest. At times it’s just been hard to trust. I suspect many of you will understand.

These are the times that will bring you to your knees. And that’s where I’ve been, especially as the May 1 deadline for my books looms. My co-author and I had finished the majority of God Glimpses from the Jewelry Box so it only took about a month to finish and polish it.

But every time I’d sit down to work on the second book, God Glimpses from the Toolbox, it was like my brain had gone AWOL. Panic ensued.

Book Excerpt: The Radical Pursuit of Rest: Escaping the Productivity Trap

My prayer when writing all of my books has been, “God I want the words that You want on the pages. Will You send them to me?” But the whole time we were polishing the first book, the story ideas weren’t coming for the second one . . . and my trust in Him was wavering.

I’d spent weeks thinking (agonizing actually), trying to come up with stories. Blank. Nada. Nothing. But you know what happened the day after we finished the first book? At a time when I wasn’t even thinking about it, the inspiration for the first story came. I wrote that chapter. And then, as I wasn’t thinking about it again, the idea for the second story arrived.

That’s happened with every chapter. The idea has arrived just as it’s needed. It brought tears to my eyes this week as I realized that God was answering my prayers—and sending the stories that He wanted on the pages of my book.

It’s been a valuable lesson in learning to trust Him. You see, I thought nothing was happening. But God knew He didn’t need to send the stories until it was time for me to work on them.

What trust lessons are you learning today? The God who never fails us is worthy of that trust.

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