Rehearse the Victories

The power of prayer brings an unexpected envelope–and a new job!

Posted in , Sep 3, 2014

Blogger Michelle Adams

Some years ago evangelist Clyde Dupin was coming to our town, and I was asked to do local publicity for the important event. In the middle of writing lots of articles about the upcoming crusade, I received a phone call from a worldwide ministry in Texas.

The media director wanted to interview me, in person, for a full-time feature writing position. I had been waiting for that opportunity for a long time. The problem was…I didn’t have the extra money for an airline ticket. The ministry had agreed to pay for my transportation and lodging while in town, but I would be responsible for paying my own airfare.

I felt in my heart that it was more than a good opportunity; it was a God opportunity. And, I didn’t want to miss out on it, yet we simply didn’t have the extra money at that time. The cheapest ticket I could find was $290 round trip. I knew I could ask my parents for the money, but I didn’t want to burden them.

I figured that if God wanted me to go, He would provide the needed funds, so I stood in faith that the extra money would come in. I let the media director know I would be there for my interview and would forward my flight details when I had them, and then I prayed that God would make a way.

The following week, as I was getting ready to attend the first meeting of the Clyde Dupin Crusade, a man who worked with that ministry team handed me an envelope.

I thought it was another press release they wanted me to edit and submit to our local media, but it was so much more. I opened the envelope and found three $100 bills inside. I looked up at him with tears in my eyes and started to ask several questions, but he stopped me.

“Just receive it,” he said. “The person who asked me to give this to you said that God had awakened her in the middle of the night and told her to give you $300. She didn’t know why, but God assured her you would know just what to do with that money. So, take it and be blessed.”

I am rarely speechless, but I was that night.

I had trusted God, and he had provided. I bought my airline ticket, flew to Texas, and got the job!

Michelle Adams's book about David and Goliath: One Boy, One Stone, One God.Since that financial miracle in my life, I’ve never had trouble standing and believing for our financial needs. I just rehearse the previous victories, reminding myself of God’s faithfulness, and my worries leave and peace replaces them.

This is a biblical principle.

Remember the story of David and Goliath?

David rehearsed his victories! Before David ever took on Goliath, he had a track record of victory. The Lord had already helped him conquer the lion and the bear while tending his father’s sheep, so when he came up against the giant, David had no doubt of his victory.

Others looked at the giant and said, “He is too big to defeat.” But David looked at him and said, “Are you kidding me? That giant is too big to miss!”  

It works the same way in our daily lives. Rehearse your past victories and praise God for the upcoming ones! And, while you wait in anticipation of doing “the victory dance,” stand on the Word of God and never yield to the circumstances. We serve a mighty God! So be encouraged today!

Rehearse those past victories and stand strong as you wait for that next breakthrough, that next answer, that next miracle. Look at that obstacle–no matter how big it seems–and say, like David, “That’s not too big for my God. That’s too big to miss!”


Cover art from One Boy, One Stone, One God illustrated by Steven Petruccio © 2012 CPH.  Used with permission.

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