Answered Prayers

Phnesha Marchette and her daughters, Gabby and Gigi

A Voice Told Her to Take Up Painting, and She Heeded the Call

Struggling with anxiety and insomnia during a turbulent time in her life, Phnesha Marchette was given a stern set of orders by her physican: She was to take a leave of absbence from her stressful job. But how would she fill the idle hours?

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Personal Change Through God’s Grace

Through our faith in Him, all things are possible. He can change how we think, live and love.

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Blessing to others

YOU Are an Answer to Prayer

It’s more than a little awe-inspiring, isn’t it? But that’s the way God’s world works.

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Pray as if you expect an answer

Pray Like George Müller

What if you really expected God to answer your prayers? 

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A red rose rests on a closed Bible.

A Sign of Answered Prayer

The landlady's prayer advice helped this family save their store.

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Janeshia Adams-Ginyard

She Prayed Her Way into a Role in the Marvel Film 'Black Panther'

Stuntwoman Janeshia Adams-Ginyard on how prayer helped her land a role on one of the biggest films of 2018.

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A close up of an older and younger patient holding each other's hands for help.

A Heaven-Sent Hospital Roommate

The perfect roommate calmed her fears.

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A large group of people praying

How Does God Hear All Our Prayers at Once?

We asked Dr. Elizabeth Berne DeGear, a biblical scholar and chaplain, a big spiritual question: How does God hear all our prayers at once?

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Mysterious Ways: Thrift Shop Angels

Mysterious Ways: Thrift Shop Angels

A woman learns that prayers are answered, even for the most basic of needs.

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The Audacity of Faith

When our human strength is depleted, faith connects us to the source of power.

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Candace Payne, the mom who became an internet sensation thanks to a Chewbacca mask

How Chewbacca Mom's Prayer Was Answered

The mother of two who became an internet sensation had one seemingly unattainable dream: To take her family to Disney World.

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What prayer has God answered for you?

What Prayer Has God Answered for You?

A family prays for a son preparing for a kidney transplant and gets unexpected news.

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