Answered Prayers

Gina Locklear oversees every step of sock manufacturing at the Emi-G Knitting mill

Could She Find Her Calling and Save the Family Business?

Her hometown's primary industry was fading fast; was there something she could do make Fort Payne, Alabama, the Sock Capital of the World once again?

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A ray of light for a military mom

A Ray of Hope for a Military Mom

During a time of discouragement, an unexpected answer to a prayer

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What Happens to Unspoken Prayers?

What Happens to Our Unspoken Prayers?

Just as God heard Hannah's unspoken prayers in the Old Testament, God hears ours too.

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The mystery in how God does His work.

Letting God Do His Work as We Do Ours

Most of God’s work happens quietly, changing hearts and minds and lives in ways we can’t see.

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Keep praying. Never give up.

Never Give Up on Your Prayers

An answered prayer can be just around the corner, even after years.

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Remember that you can count on God. And don't forget to thank Him!

A God You Can Count On

Remember all the times when He’s come through for you. Here’s my list.

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How to get your prayer life back on track.

Worried About Your Prayer Life? Pray for It.

If you’re not praying with the frequency and depth you crave, here’s some help.

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Learning to trust God in times of stress.

Learning to Trust God

Just when you panic and think God hasn't heard your prayers, you get the answer.

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Weird prayers that got answered

When God Answers Weird Prayers

Some prayers may seem silly or strange or contrary to belief. Outside the box. Pray them anyway.

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The Power of a Mother’s Intuition

The Power of a Mother’s Intuition

How a mom’s gut feeling helped her young son take his first steps.

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How to ask God to answer your prayers.

4 Ways to Ask God to Answer Your Prayers

When it comes to building your case, there are no better instructions than in the Bible.

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Pray hungry. One woman's story of how fasting led to an answered prayer.

Pray Hungry

A prompt to fast on behalf of a hard-drinking dad leads to an answered prayer.

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