Answered Prayers

7 Prayers God Says Yes To

7 Prayers God Always Answers

Here are some prayers that God can't resist.

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Actress Rhonda Fleming

Guideposts Classics: Rhonda Fleming's Answered Prayer

In this story from January 1982, the acclaimed actress tells of her first encounter with God, when a prayerful plea received a response more immediate than she could have expected.

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A mother prays for her unborn daughter's future.

God Hears Your Prayers

When God prompts you to pray for someone–or something–be obedient.

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Rick Hamlin and son Tim Hamlin

When God’s Answers Are Better Than My Prayers

If you let go in prayer, listen, wait and trust in God’s love, you'll realize your ideas pale compared to what God and the Holy Spirit might have in mind.  

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Don't despair if you cannot pray. Reach out to others and your church.

Not Able to Pray?

You're not alone. I’m pretty sure that even the apostles had their ups and downs.

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Answered prayers can come in unlikely ways.

A Timely Answer to Prayer

God didn't seem to be responding. But then a message was received from 1,700 miles away.

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Answered prayers. God's gifts.

A Father's Answered Prayers

My children are the answers to prayers I couldn’t possibly have made, God’s gifts that I couldn’t have guessed at.

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Pennies from Heaven

Pennies from Heaven

A woman receives heavenly signs to trust God.

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An answered prayer: A slice of lemon meringue pie

What Prayer Can Do: Made to Order

She questioned her son's urge to make a lemon meringue pie, but it proved to be an answer to a prayer!

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Praying hands. Photo: Thinkstock.

I’ve Been Praying for You

Follow this nurse's example and splash Jesus into the lives of those around us.

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Pray the details

What Prayer Can Do: Getting Down to Specifics

Her daughter taught her that when it comes to prayer, it's sometimes all about the details.

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Audrey Carli

What Prayer Can Do: Heavenly Headhunter

References come in handy during job hunts, but she received a very helpful recommendation that remains a mystery.

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