Answered Prayers

Praying hands. Photo: Thinkstock.

I’ve Been Praying for You

Follow this nurse's example and splash Jesus into the lives of those around us.

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Pray the details

What Prayer Can Do: Getting Down to Specifics

Her daughter taught her that when it comes to prayer, it's sometimes all about the details.

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Audrey Carli

What Prayer Can Do: Heavenly Headhunter

References come in handy during job hunts, but she received a very helpful recommendation that remains a mystery.

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Answered Prayer for a Lost Cat

The Insignificant Prayer

Proof God knows our hearts and cares deeply about what matters to us.

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Photo by Creatas Images for Thinkstock by Getty Images

Praying with Apps

Technology can help us with our prayers. Here are three ways.

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Blogger Michelle Adams

Rehearse the Victories

The power of prayer brings an unexpected envelope–and a new job!

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Photo of the missing stuffed animal, Bianca.

The Great Mouse Mystery

How would my daughter ever get over her lost doll?

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Logan Eliasen returns to the scene of his rescue.

A Divine Rescue from the Depths

Out for some fun spelunking, he now was trapped. Was this the end for him?

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Logan Eliasen and Emma in Wye Cave in Maquoketa Caves State Park

Safe and Secure in God's Arms

Her son, trapped deep beneath the earth. Her faith, needing to go even deeper.

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Fran-Alice Aberle

What Prayer Can Do: Not by Bread Alone

Three siblings, asked to watch over four baking loaves, see their prayers answered.

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A green Hawn's macaw

A Heaven-Sent Rescuer

Her pet macaw had escaped and she was worried, but her fervent prayer was heard.

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Jean Durscher

What Prayer Can Do: Close for Comfort

Her impulse to minister to a stranger turned out to be an answer to that woman's silent prayer.

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