How to Make a Prayer Garden

5 tips to help you create a sacred place of your own.


Create Your Own Prayer Garden

This time of year I always  rediscover the inner peace gardening brings.  With my knees on the ground and hands in the soil, I sometimes find myself deep in prayer without even realizing it.

An unmistakable connection forms with the Divine when I tend to preciously small seeds that grow into thriving plants. Seeing the first tiny green sprouts rise from the soil is like witnessing a crop of answered prayer. 

I celebrate the perennials that come again. Isn't it wonderful how each year seems to make them stronger and thicker?  I bemoan the casualties that don't make it.  All the while, I'm sorting out my thoughts, weeding my worries, watering my hopes and rejoicing in the blessings that bloom.


It’s no wonder many religions and cultures marry gardening and prayer by creating beautiful prayer gardens. Here are a few ideas to create a prayerful place of your own to connect with God.

1. Plan a little. Sketch your idea out on paper. Select a spot that fits with your prayer life. If you like to pray at sunrise, you can arrange your garden in a place graced by morning light. Or, perhaps you already have an established flower garden. With a few simple additions, your garden can easily be transformed into a prayerful oasis.

2. Select your flowers. It’s fun to include plants that have symbolic meaning. For example, lilies represent the purity and grace of Mary, the Blessed Mother. The star of Bethlehem is a good choice to inspire you to think of Jesus’ birth. Of course, make sure that you select plants suited for the conditions of your garden.

3. Add inspiring features. If you’re drawn to a specific religious statue or sculpture, select ones that inspire you to connect with God.

4. Make it yours. A quick and easy DIY craft is to create Scripture rocks. Write your favorite verses in permanent marker on flat rocks and dot your garden with God’s Word.

5. No excuses. If you don’t have the yard space or time to tend to a prayer garden, don’t let that hold you back! You can create an indoor container prayer garden right on your window sill.

When it comes to prayer gardens there are no right or wrong design elements. Your garden should be uniquely yours—filled with plants and decorations that sing to your heart and spirit—a personal sanctuary to help you plant your dreams and give them roots, a quiet place to help you find inner peace as you connect with God.


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