How to Pray

Blessing a loved one

10 Bible Blessings to Pray for Those You Love

These quick but powerful words can be prayed over loved ones near and far.

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A woman's hands holding a a lit red candle.

6 Ways to Pray When You Feel Spiritually Stuck

Try these creative tips to refresh your prayer life and grow closer to God 

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Praying out loud

5 Good Reasons to Pray Aloud (Even When You’re Alone)

Even when no one else is around, words spoken out loud to God are powerful.

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A prayer for the moment

How to Pray in a Difficult Moment

When facing a near-impossible situation, here are words of prayer that may help.

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Praying in the shower

3 Surprising Places to Pray

In the middle of a busy life, there are everyday places that lend themselves to prayer.

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Getty Images

5 Powerful Prayer Styles And Why They Matter

These unscientific profiles may help you find the most rewarding way to pray.

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Rick Hamlin on the downtown A train

Finding God in the Subway

How Guideposts' Executive Editor Rick Hamlin dedicates his morning commute to prayer 

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Prayers for spring

4 New Prayers for Spring

How to welcome the season of renewed hope and lifted spirits.

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Give up your cell phone for Lent

Why You Should Give Up Your Cellphone for Lent

In those phone-less hours you may find more ways to see God in the everydayness of life.

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Reading the Bible

Pick a Word a Day During Lent

A different way to deepen your faith in the 40 days leading up to Easter.

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Getty Images

7 Ways to Fast According to the Bible

What the Bible says about the history and purpose of fasting.

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Senior woman doing a crossword puzzle

Prayers for an Elderly Mom

When it comes to death, an aging parent requests that it be a “direct flight.”

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