How to Pray

Birds flying across the sun

What Do You See When You Pray?

One painter depicts his inner imagery when praying Psalm 90.

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Listening to God

What Tone of Voice Do You Hear from God?

It pays to listen carefully because it’s easy to misconstrue.

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Rick Hamlin; photo by Jim Anness

With Meditative Prayer, Even Silence Is Praise

How an ancient prayer practice can help in times of crisis.

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Various Bible translations

Which Bible Translation Should You Use?

A personal take on some of the best guides to Scripture and prayer.

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Worried man

Why You Should Hand Over Your Worries to God

Your mind is good at creating more fear. Your faith is even better at demolishing it.

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Powerful prayer

The Most Powerful Prayer in Just One Word

You can pray it for gratitude, comfort, grief and healing.

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Keeping a dream journal

Why It's Important to Remember Your Dreams

Reviewing our dreams can help us lead a godly life. Here are 3 tips to help recall them.

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Man praying

How to Pray if ‘Father’ Is a Loaded Term

There’s a way to pray to the father who you want and need.

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How to pray when stressed

A 10-Word Prayer When You’re Out of Options

The next time you’re panicked, fearful or stressed, try these words.

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Rick Hamlin

4 Ways to Pray for Healing

You can talk to God about your health on a daily basis. Here’s how.

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Bible verses for fear

4 Bible Verses to Help You Cast Out Fear

Here are some heavenly assurances when you’re afraid.

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Shake up your prayers

5 Ways to Shake Up Your Prayers in 2022

A new year offers the chance to change things up in your prayer practice.

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A woman prays in the morning

Prayer Power: Start Your Day Off Right

Here are six steps for beginning your morning—and continuing your day—with prayer.

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Talk to yourself in prayer

Why Not Talk to Yourself When You Pray?

For some, it’s a habit. For others, it’s a quirk. In prayer, it can be effective.

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