When God's Timing Is Taking Too Long

Are you growing impatient waiting on God to answer your prayers?

- Posted on Mar 10, 2013

Mornings with Jesus contributer, Camy Tang

Peter asked, “Lord, why can’t I follow you now? I will lay down my life for you.” John 13:37 

I wanted a boyfriend badly. I was in my early twenties and horribly lonely. All my friends had found nice guys and I was the only one without a love interest. So I did what other hormonal, immature, desperate women do—I settled for a guy who was interested in me.

It didn’t matter that he wasn’t a Christian and didn’t even want to understand my faith. He was available; he was cute. That’s all I cared about. It ended up being a colossal mistake. I’m sure you can see the ending— regretful woman struggles to break up with a guy who’s leading her to do what God doesn’t want her to do.

It took a lot of time and several mistakes, but I finally did break up with him. It caused damage to my relationship with Jesus that took a long time to heal. And isn’t that always how it is when we jump the gun rather than waiting on God?

Peter asked Jesus why he couldn’t follow Him—why he couldn’t do what he wanted to do. But sometimes that waiting period is exactly what we need. Sometimes we can see why that waiting period is necessary, but sometimes we can’t, and that’s when we get impatient and try to run ahead of God.

I know how hard and frustrating it can be, but we have to hold steady and wait for God to move first. Otherwise, the consequences of jumping the gun can be a pile of regrets.

Faith Step: Are you impatient in a waiting period of your own? Pray to Jesus—be honest and vulnerable, lay it all out before Him. Ask Him to help you to wait and just trust in His timing.

This devotion is excerpted from Mornings with Jesus 2013.

Camy Tang grew up in Hawaii and now lives in San Jose, California, with her husband and her rambunctious mutt, Snickers. She is a staff worker for her church youth group and leads one of the Sunday worship teams. Camy has authored many novels. Visit her Web site at www.camytang.com to read short stories and to subscribe to her quarterly newsletter.

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