Persistent Prayer

Thank you when things go wrong

Giving Thanks When Things Don't Go Your Way

Gratitude can be found in less than ideal circumstances

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An artists rendering of a cell phone with an alarm set to go off at 12:31pm

Someone Cares: 12:31

A daily reminder to pray improves a former professional athlete's life immensely.

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Build spiritual strength by reading the Bible daily.

Spiritual Strength Training

Like any commitment, daily practice makes you stronger.

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How to cope with unanswered prayers.

3 Ways to Cope with Unanswered Prayers

How to hang on and trust God to be true to His promise of provision

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What Good Friday's suffering can teach us.

Good Friday–Triumph Over Suffering

Jesus teaches us not to love suffering, but how we must not avoid it.

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when prayers go unanswered

When I Don’t See Answers to My Prayers

Rely on this helpful tip when you feel discouraged God isn't answering your prayer.

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A spring shoot. Shutterstock.

Don’t Quit…Just Start Over

Learn the value of persevering with renewed purpose.

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When prayers are unanswered, keep praying. Photo by DDieschburg, Thinkstock.

When Prayers Go Unanswered

My spiritual models and mentors keep on praying through it all, persevering.

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Reverend Pablo Diaz

A Child's Question: How Does Prayer Work?

His daughter's struggle with unanswered prayer helps him find the words to overcome a test of faith.

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Daily Devotionals: Stories of faith in frustration;  Guideposts

Finding Faith Through Frustration

Some days life feels too hard. It’s tempting to despair. But I find it helpful to remember what Job did...

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Prayer blogger Peola Hicks

Wait on the Lord

My prayer life is all about waiting. I have never given up and said, “Never mind” to God.

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Prayer blogger Rick Hamlin

When Prayers Aren't Answered

What happens to prayers that go unanswered? What if the answer is No?

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