Power of Prayer

The power of prayer is undeniable to those who pray regularly. True stories of prayer making a difference in a moment, a life, or the world inspire each of us to examine and strengthen our faith life regularly. Reach deep inside to access the power of praying to change our lives and change our hearts.
Prayer after a tragedy

7 Ways to Pray After a Tragedy

We may feel helpless, but the Bible gives us examples of prayer as a powerful response.

Angel praying

Do Angels Help You Pray?

Turn to the Bible for examples of angels hand-delivering our prayers to God.

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St. Teresa of Avila

Teresa of Avila's Castle of the Soul

Rick Hamlin shares how his own spiritual life has been impacted by St. Teresa of Avila's inspiring book on prayer, The Interior Castle.

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Looking at a painting

How to Pray in Front of a Painting

A lovely, contemplative moment of prayer with eyes wide open.

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Singing in church

Recapture the Art and Blessing of the Doxology

The Bible is filled with doxologies, and they can all be added to your prayer life.

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Praying for hope

Embracing Hope When Life Seems Unfair

Praying for a pastor facing medical challenges from months served at Ground Zero after 9/11

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A Positive Way of Looking at Problems

Even in the middle of an uncomfortable situation, there are opportunities for thanks and praise.

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Praying through your problems

Praying Through Your Problems

When it comes to wrestling with your issues, some advice from 19th century author and preacher Samuel Logan Brengle

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Elizabeth and John Sherrill

Prayers for Elizabeth Sherrill

With her husband John Sherrill, this husband and wife writing team helped turn a little magazine called Guideposts into a spiritual powerhouse.

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Linda Maher

How She Overcame Opioid Addiction

Hospitalized after a serious car accident, she had to face withdrawal from the painkillers she was prescribed

Bible prayers not to pray

Better Ways to Pray These 4 Bible Verses

All things considered, the Bible offers many prayers that benefit and bless. But in some cases, you may want to try a different approach.

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Understanding hardship

How Hardship Can Give Us the Tools to Do Good

Victor Frankl and Elie Wiesel survived pain and suffering during the Holocaust to make the world a better place. 

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Purring cat

Life Lesson from a Cat

After a stressful visit to the vet, some spiritual perspective on facing things we dread.

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Struggling to pray

7 Ways to Make Praying Easier

Praying can be hard sometimes; here's some tips to make it easier to prioritize this important practice. 

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