Power of Prayer


5 Ways Prayer Journaling Can Keep You Sane

When you’re in the middle of a super-sized problem, a journal can help you unearth solutions and grow closer to God.

Woman at Brooklyn Bridge

Faith as a Bridge to Healing

Hope for overcoming the overwhelming stresses of life, including grief and addiction

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Woman praying

5 Ways to Pray Like Peter Marshall

Imagination, introspection, insight and integrity are wonderful aids to prayer.

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Depressed woman

Prayers for Comfort After a Death by Suicide

How to express our loss as well as lift up others who battle depression and hopelessness.

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Summer garden

6 Ways to Pray with Flowers

How summer offers ways for your prayers to bloom.

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God gives us what we need.

My Bible: Lost and Found

God gives us what we need.

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Heavenly Bodies at the Cloisters

Dresses at the Cloisters—Bringing Holy Art Alive

In a Met Museum exhibit, top-end designers like Dior, Chanel, Galliano and Balenciaga seem to gaze up at God.

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Pray it forward

Instead of 'Pay It Forward,' 'Pray It Forward'

As you are the beneficiary of prayers from others, why not offer yours freely to three more people?

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Facing fear

When Fear Becomes Overwhelming

God will interrupt our lives in the most unexpected moments to offer encouragement.

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Woman admiring the view

6 Reasons to Pray with Your Eyes Open

The Bible doesn’t mention praying with eyes closed. Sometimes it’s more powerful to keep them open.

Praying woman

Biblical Wisdom for a Prosperous Life

A key passage from Proverbs offers guidance on finding fulfillment.

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Prayer after a tragedy

7 Ways to Pray After a Tragedy

We may feel helpless, but the Bible gives us examples of prayer as a powerful response.

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Linda Maher

How She Overcame Opioid Addiction

Hospitalized after a serious car accident, she had to face withdrawal from the painkillers she was prescribed

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Angel praying

Do Angels Help You Pray?

Turn to the Bible for examples of angels hand-delivering our prayers to God.

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