Power of Prayer

The power of prayer is undeniable to those who pray regularly. True stories of prayer making a difference in a moment, a life, or the world inspire each of us to examine and strengthen our faith life regularly. Reach deep inside to access the power of praying to change our lives and change our hearts.

Start each morning with God

How to Give Each Day a Spiritual Start

Ways to cut through the demands of hectic mornings so you can focus on God first.

Soup kitchen prayers

At a Soup Kitchen, Prayer Goes Both Ways

For servers and the served, an act of transformation.

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Keep watch as you pray.

4 Reasons to ‘Keep Watch’ as You Pray for Others

Why did Jesus ask his friends to pray with Him? And what does that teach us? 

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Hands illuminated by light and open in prayer.

Blessed with Beautiful Last Words

She experienced a miraculous moment of prayer.

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When you experience loss or grief

When the Unexpected Strikes

A Bible verse that offers hope in times of loss

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4 ways the spirit can help us to pray.

4 Ways the Spirit Can Help Us to Pray

We don't always have to pray on our own. The Bible encourages us to ask for help. Here's how.

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The power of "here I am" as prayer.

My Favorite Three-Word Prayer

When anyone in the Bible says, “Here I am,” something happens. 

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Helping a stranger get to the grocery store has a divine aspect.

Would You Help a Stranger?

Helping a disabled stranger get to the supermarket has a whiff of the divine.

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The cure for worry is prayer

You Can Worry, or You Can Pray

The cure for worry is not worrying less. It is praying more. 

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Middle of the night prayers

Middle of the Night Prayers

A bedside prayer list includes those who are struggling, both victims and assailants.

4 hard prayers to pray

4 Prayers That Are Seldom Easy But Always Worth It

These four “hard prayers” are not only biblical; they will also deepen and broaden your praying while enriching your life. 

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A mature woman clasps her hands in prayer

Spiritual Stretching: The Benefits of Prayer

In his new book, Pray for Me: Finding Faith in a Crisis, Rick Hamlin reminds us that prayer always rewards those who practice it.

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Soup kitchen prayer.

My Soup Kitchen Prayer

Celebrating a God who made Himself a servant first

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6 ways to pray on the 4th of July

6 Ways to Pray on the 4th of July

In addition to fireworks and parades, celebrate Independence Day with prayer.

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