Power of Prayer

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What to do when you're in spiritual darkness

When in Spiritual Darkness, Trust God

Lessons from a West Virginia coal miner on digging out of seemingly hopeless situations.

New! Praying Lent 40-Day Program

Lent is often thought of as a time to give up something—but it’s actually a meaningful time to gain a closer relationship with God.

Some advice about anxiety from a teenager.

A Teenager’s Insight on Anxiety

Our anxieties don’t make us faster or more efficient. They simply make us more anxious.

Answered Prayer: A Buddy to Love

A miraculous story about the power of prayer.

Pray now, not later.

Pray Now Instead of Later

I almost never promise to pray for someone. Not because I don’t care but because I do.

Prayers to help your spirits soar

On Wings and a Prayer

Bible verses to set your spirit soaring

Pray away winter.

Pray Away the Winter

When the cold and dark overwhelm, usher in a little Shakespearean summer via prayer.

Make Jesus your prayer partner.

Make Jesus Your Prayer Partner

7 ways to pray according to His agenda

A little boy's prayer hits the mark.

How to Keep Fear at Bay

A little boy’s prayer offers lessons about who to turn to when you're afraid.

Family prayer

5 Fervent Prayers for Your Kids

A parent’s pointed prayers can work wonders.