Power of Prayer

The power of prayer is undeniable to those who pray regularly. True stories of prayer making a difference in a moment, a life, or the world inspire each of us to examine and strengthen our faith life regularly. Reach deep inside to access the power of praying to change our lives and change our hearts.
Thanksgiving guests holding hands around the table in prayer.

Guideposts Celebrates Thanksgiving Day of Prayer on Monday, November 19

Send in your prayer requests to be included at Guideposts 27th annual event.

Waiting for a prayer to be answered

How to Pray Until God Answers

A persistent spirit and attitude keeps our faith strong while we wait for our prayers to be answered.

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Prayer group

After the Pittsburgh Shooting: Prayers for Healing from Hatred and Violence

How faith communities help us stay connected to the love, kindness, faith and generosity in this world.

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Pray with the Saints

6 Favorite Prayers from Heroes of Faith

From Saint Francis and Teresa of Avila to John Wesley and Thomas Merton, here are ways you can pray with luminaries of faith. 

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Pray with honesty

Why You Should Stop Sugarcoating Your Prayers

When something truly, deeply hurts, open up to God about it in prayer. Only then can healing begin.

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Continue to pray after Hurricane Florence

Why You Should Still Be Praying About Hurricane Florence

In the weeks and months after a disaster, the suffering continues.

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Holding a pet rabbit

5 Prayers and Blessings for Animals and Pets

On the Feast of Saint Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of animals, words of thanks and praise for the creatures who enrich our lives.

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Boy in hospital

Cured by the Healing Power of Prayer

How a boy learned that prayer can conquer sickness

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John and Elizabeth Sherrill

A Visit with Elizabeth Sherrill and a Lesson in Prayer

Always the teacher. Always the seeker. Always the lover of God.

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10 Ways to Pray Away Fear

10 Ways to Pray Away Fear

How to use prayer to transform your fear into faith. 

An artist's rendering of a woman in distress surrounded by praying hands

The Prayers of Others Saw Her Through Opioid Withdrawal

In the throes of flagrant opioid withdrawal, she was beginning to despair, but the prayers of friends and strangers lifted her up.

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Prayer as last resort

Make Prayer Your First Resort, Not Your Last

Pray early and often to guide you through each and every day.

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Popular radio host Delilah

Delilah on the Role of Prayer in Her Life

The popular radio host shares how prayer impacts her daily life and how her approach to prayer has evolved over the years.

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God's power

Two of the Most Powerful Words in the Bible

Throughout the Scripture there is a phrase that reminds us how God can change our lives.

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