Power of Prayer

An artist's rendering of a woman in distress surrounded by praying hands

The Prayers of Others Saw Her Through Opioid Withdrawal

In the throes of flagrant opioid withdrawal, she was beginning to despair, but the prayers of friends and strangers lifted her up.

Popular radio host Delilah

Delilah on the Role of Prayer in Her Life

The popular radio host shares how prayer impacts her daily life and how her approach to prayer has evolved over the years.

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God's power

Two of the Most Powerful Words in the Bible

Throughout the Scripture there is a phrase that reminds us how God can change our lives.

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Praying for the sick

When You're Too Sick to Pray for Yourself

Healing is a gift. Claim those prayers from others and then someday return the favor.

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Saying the Lord's Prayer

Going Back to Basics with the Lord’s Prayer

If you put yourself first when you pray, here's how to get your priorities back in order.

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How to Give Each Moment to God

How to Give Each Moment to God

A slim volume written hundreds of years ago inspires a renewed devotion to living prayerfully and in the moment.

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4 Emergency Prayers

4 Emergency Prayers

When disaster strikes and words escape you, here's how to pray. 

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Back to school

A Back-to-School Prayer for Our Children

An important time to guide and protect our children as they begin a new school year.

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Family praying

A Family’s Battle with Addiction

How one woman never lost faith despite her husband and children’s descent into drugs and alcohol

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Prayer as last resort

Make Prayer Your First Resort, Not Your Last

Pray early and often to guide you through each and every day.

Dealing with pain

7 Tools for Living with Chronic Pain

An example of how faith and prayer helps one woman get through her days.

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Keeping hope alive

Tools to Keep Hope Alive

How faith, imagination and visualization can help you reach your goals.

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4 Ways to Pray When You’re Confused

When you don’t know where you’re going or what road to take, that’s the time to pray like Thomas Merton.

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Moving past tragedy

How to Cope with a Loss Like the Branson Duck Boat Accident

The capsized boat that took 17 lives, leaves survivors who must find their inner strength through prayer, community and God’s love.

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