Good Friday Day of Prayer

Good Friday is a perfect day to offer yourself to others as Jesus did.

- Posted on Mar 26, 2012

Good Friday Day of Prayer

Depending on where you live and what faith you practice, Good Friday—also called Great or Holy Friday—may mean fasting, afternoon church services, a street procession or time spent in reflection and contemplation.

At Guideposts, Good Friday is a day of prayer. For the past 10 weeks, prayer requests have been collected by mail and phone, and online. On April 6, volunteers worldwide will be praying for each and every one of those requests.

While the Guideposts Good Friday Day of Prayer (GFDOP) marks its 42nd anniversary, each event is unique.

“Good Friday is a good day to offer yourself to others as Jesus did and believe that God can make the impossible, possible,” says OurPrayer manager Peola Hicks. “And I think that as the economy rebounds, we still cannot take anything for granted. People still need God’s power released through prayer.”

This year there will be one chapel service that will begin at 10am to accommodate all of our GFDOP visitors. Visitors will also be able to tour our new museum featuring Dr. Peale memorabilia.

Rev. Hicks says that every year she feels humbled by the prayer requests and the people who volunteer to pray, like Patti Hoppe who has been writing prayers on the web for over 2 years.

“I know that God hears our prayers and am blessed to pray with and for the many requests I read each day” said Patti via Facebook. “It's humbling and I'm so grateful to be a part of the OurPrayer family. It's drawing me closer to Him as I lift up each request and I spend more time with Him. Thank you for allowing me to be a volunteer.”

Send a prayer request for yourself and loved ones for Good Friday Day of Prayer.

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