How to Cope with a Loss Like the Branson Duck Boat Accident

The capsized boat that took 17 lives, leaves survivors who must find their inner strength through prayer, community and God’s love.

Posted in , Aug 1, 2018

Moving past tragedy

On Thursday, July 19, tragedy struck when 17 people drowned in Branson, Missouri, during what was supposed to be an enjoyable duck boat ride on nearby lake. On this tragic day, the boat took to the water as usual, but the wind began to pick up and the water started to churn as a powerful thunderstorm struck. It wasn’t long before the boat capsized and sank, taking the lives of these innocent people, ranging from 1- to 76-years-old.

Tia Coleman, a survivor of the sinking boat, lost nine members of her family in this horrible disaster. With such tragedy, how will she and others who have lost their loved ones on that day move on? The human spirit is resilient, but an event such as this will take lots of time, prayer and community support for healing. It won’t be easy, but with patience and love, these individuals will move on. But they will never forget their lost family members.

One of the most inspiring people in my life is my cousin Ruth. Her courage, faith and determination to move on after the loss of two of her three boys due to illnesses when they were children touched our family deeply. Throughout the years, Ruth has managed to keep going, even when she suffers inside, with help from God, her family and friends. Recently, a bunch of us gathered to celebrate her birthday and when it was time for her to say a few words, we listened carefully as she expressed how much she still misses her boys, Christopher and Jared, but how grateful she is for all of us. In her speech she said, “Remember, if you have breath in your lungs you can make it one more day.” I will never forget these words.

Every day since the loss of those two children, Ruth reminds herself that she can and will make it through another day by finding the courage to live one day at time, to tap into her inner strength. Let us continue to pray for all who lost a loved one on that boat in Branson and for everyone who is fighting a battle. We must pray that they take each day as it comes.

Lord, provide strength, comfort and courage to the surviving members of the boat tragedy; may they find the strength to live on.

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