Where to Turn in a Spiritual Emergency

Life can bring unwelcome surprises whether we’re ready or not. But comfort is at hand.

Posted in , May 24, 2016

When life's emergencies happen don't forget to dial your spiritual 911 for comfort.

My husband thought the text I sent him yesterday was funny:  “You will have to get the mail when you get home. Make sure the lizard isn’t still inside the rubber-banded packet of mail. He has to go!”

He’d probably still be laughing if he’d heard my squeal when I reached to get the mail out of the box and a tail slithered out towards my hand. This gal doesn’t like anything that slithers.

That was the week’s funny, unexpected moment. But we also had a truly scary one when our little grandson fell as he was running towards the swing-set, gashing the back of his head. My daughter-in-law, Lydia, called as they headed to urgent care, knowing he would need stitches.

All of our in-town grandchildren had been playing together that afternoon when the accident happened. We knew the little ones were upset so after my husband got home from work, we picked up some make-them-feel-better cupcakes and headed to our son’s house to dispense some hugs and kisses.

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But when we got there, we discovered the other unexpected moment of the evening. Our daughter-in-law had just received word that they’d taken her dad to the hospital by ambulance.

And just this evening, I received a frantic “Please pray!” text from a dear friend who was many hours from home when her daughter had a serious allergic reaction.

Whew, that’s way too many unexpected moments for one week! (Thankfully, everyone is okay. Except for the lizard. He’s being officially evicted from our mailbox.)

But you know what, sweet friends? Life is full of those unexpected moments—the events that break our hearts, fill us with fear or change our lives forever. They happen to all of us, whether we’re ready or not.

And that’s where God comes in. What a comfort to know that we can go to Him whenever we have one of those unexpected moments! He is always available. Always there for us. And always sufficient for our need.             

He’s even given us a spiritual 911 number in His Word in Psalm 91:1, “He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.”

So the next time one of those unexpected moments happens to you, call His 911 number and rest in the assurance that help is on the way.

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