Why Problems Are Good for Our Prayers

When troubles arise, they can lead us back into the arms of a loving and gracious God.

Posted in , Mar 3, 2016

How our problems can deepen our prayers and bring us closer to God.

No one likes it when problems arise. But they are a part of life, and we must learn to deal with them properly.

In one of Dr. Norman Vincent Peale’s stories, he expresses his thoughts on this matter. One afternoon, Dr. Peale was walking down Fifth Avenue in New York City when a man he knew stopped him to talk about his troubles. He shared how he was overwhelmed by his business and personal problems.

Dr. Peale listened carefully and then said, “I know a place where no one has any problems.” The man got excited and asked, “Where is there such a place.” Dr. Peale, said, “In the Bronx…the Woodlawn Cemetery.” He then added, “Problems are a good thing, it means you are alive.”

Yes, problems may wear us down, but without them we wouldn’t truly be living, thus our prayer life wouldn’t be deepened by our troubles.

Problems bring us back to the source of life, hope and strength. It seems like when all is well, we tend to rely on our own strength, power and wisdom. We become comfortable and somewhat forgetful of our prayer life. Our conversations with God become scarce and brief.

But when troubles come our way, we seek help, comfort and resolution; we cry out to God as psalmist does in Scripture. It’s only natural and wise.

Philip Yancey in his book, Prayer: Does It Make Any Difference? wrote, “Prayers of request tend to fall into one of two categories: trouble or trivia. As if by instinct, we cry out to God when trouble strikes.”

When troubles arise, we become anxious, but we must remember they can lead us back to the arms of the loving and gracious God. How have your problems enhanced your prayer life? Please share with us.

God, thank You for the way life’s problems have drawn me closer to You. Help me be mindful of You in good and tough times.

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