Pray Effectively

How can we pray effectively? While there is no one formula for effective prayers, we can strive to deepen our prayer life. Practical tips, Bible-based advice and stories from other Christians can help us learn to pray with honesty and faith, as we strive to pray effectively.
Make Your Lenten Confession Fun

Make Your Lenten Confession Fun

How one family takes a meaningful look at misdeeds and then, at Easter, redemption

Lost wallet and keys

A Prayer for Lost Things

As we pray for things lost, let's rejoice in things discovered.

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How to use a prayer book

6 Ways to Use a Prayer Book

It felt weird at first for me, saying prayers from a book. But not anymore.  

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Prayer meeting

My Kind of Prayer Meeting

This pastor hated prayer meetings. Until…

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Prayer for 2018

Chart a New Prayer Course in 2018

Would you say your prayer life was great this past year? If not, why not try a new direction? Here are 6 suggestions.

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First Christmas

How Did They Pray at the First Christmas?

7 ways to emulate the angels, magi, shepherds and others who prayed at the manger in Bethlehem

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Christmas prayer prompts

20 Christmas Prayer Prompts

These prayer starters will lead you down a meaningful path to the celebration of the Incarnation.

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Martin Luther

12 Masters of Prayer

Artists learn to paint by imitating the masters; can praying people do something similar? 

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Bible verses about prayer

7 Bible Verses About Prayer

Prayer takes practice. And God’s Word offers some of the best advice about it.

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Prayer Tips with Ty'Ann Brown

Prayer Tips with Ty'Ann: Selfless Love

When you feel down and need a boost of God's love, turn to this prayer tip from Ty'Ann.

 Prayer Tips with Ty'Ann: How to Find Words to Pray

Prayer Tips with Ty'Ann: How to Find Words to Pray

Do you sit down to pray and feel lost at where to start?

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7 Prayers to Help You Sleep

Can’t sleep? It could be related to your prayer life. Here are some prayers that offer comfort and rest.

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Child praying

How to Pray Like a Child

Expertise is not required to pray effectively. Instead, focus on humility, honesty and simplicity.

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Facebook prayers

My Facebook Prayers

I do appreciate hearing about the reasons people are celebrating and the reasons they need help. They can offer real cause for prayer.

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