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5 Prayers for Safe Travel

5 Prayers for Safe Travel

Whether you are traveling on family vacation, business trip or even commutting to and from work, these prayers for safe travels will help you make it to your destination safe and worry-free.

When you rest in the loving arms of God, you will always be comforted, no matter what.

Prayer Tips with Ty'Ann: Rest in the Comfort of God's Loving Arms

Try this powerful prayer tip when you seek comfort from the Lord.

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Woman praying

3 Tips on Prayer for Amateurs (Like Me)

You don’t have to be an expert to know how to pray. Just do it out of love—that’s at the heart of it.

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Family prayinig

Praying ‘Repurposed’ Prayers

There are examples throughout the Bible of prayers being repeated by different generations.

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A Good Time to Pray? When You Can't Sleep

Some of my best conversations with God have taken place before the sun has risen.

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Praying for others

5 Ways That I Pray for Others

A Guideposts editor offers his notes-to-self when it comes to honoring prayer requests.

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praying for others

3 Tips to Handle Prayer with Care

Try these helpful prayer tips the next time you tell someone, "I'll pray for you."

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Pray like Charles Spurgeon

5 Ways to Pray Like Charles Spurgeon

Emulate “the Prince of Preachers” by praying humbly, compassionately, fervently and boldly.

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Easter lillies

8 Prayers for Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday

Words to help drive home to your heart the profound meaning and blessing of Easter

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Questions that Jesus asked

5 Questions That Jesus Asked

Consider these Bible verse to help you grow in prayer.

ABC prayer tips

A-to-Z Praying Tips

Prayer is simply talking to God. Here's an approach as easy as ABC.

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How to both read and pray the Bible

How to Both Read and Pray the Bible

A Guideposts editor uses an ancient prayer practice while riding the subway on his way to work.

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Bible prayers for grief

Bible Prayers for the 5 Stages of Grief

Loss always produces grief, and grief begs to be expressed. And the Bible can teach us how valuable prayer is in the grieving process.

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Guideposts executive editor Rick Hamlin

Rick Hamlin on the Practice of Contemplative Prayer

Guideposts executive editor Rick Hamlin explores the centuries-old practice of contemplative prayer, offering practical  tips that may help you enrich your own prayer life. 

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