A Prayer to Help You Reach Your Goals

This prayer, taken from Guideposts Daily Planner, will improve your spiritual discipline.

- Posted on Jul 25, 2014

woman on mountain top.

Dear God, we’ve been through this many times, You and I.
You’ve watched me take one step forward,
Then fall back two.
You’ve seen me slip in simple vows:
My daily swim, for instance.
One day I’m churning through the pool,
The next I’m all excuses–too cold, too late, too tired.
And what about the morning time
That I’ve reserved for You?
One day I’m up, the next I see the clock and say,
Tomorrow for sure, but today I need my sleep.
God won’t mind…
But oh, my God,
I know You do!
Please, God, keep me pressing toward the mark, relentlessly.
Keep me faithful in my resolve,
that I may gain the prize of Your high calling.

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