A Simple Model for Prayer

The prayer Jesus taught his disciples is a model. But there is another one that is easy to remember and accomplishes the same things...

Posted in , Jul 10, 2013

Prayer blogger Peola Hicks

In this manner, therefore, pray: Our Father in heaven,
Hallowed be Your name. (Matthew 6:9)

I have recently started a new feature on the OurPrayer Facebook page called “Ask Peola.” Once a month, we give readers an opportunity to ask questions about prayer and their spiritual lives. One of the recurring questions is about how we should pray to God; is there a specific model for prayer to ensure that God hears and answers?

After several explanations based on Jesus’ message to his disciples about praying to the father in his name, I realized that I was answering a question about prayer—but not the one they asked. The prayer that Jesus taught his disciples in Matthew 6:9-15 is a model. But there is another simple model, one that is easy to remember and accomplishes much of the same things. Pray the acronym ACTS.

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A is for adoration. This means showing respect and reverence to the name of the Lord, setting him apart from all other names. C is for confession. Confession can take two forms: relating to the promises of God and asking forgiveness for sins that have been committed. T is for thanksgiving. This is simply having a heart of gratitude for all that God has done. We can also give thanks for things that we expect in the future. S is for supplications and petitions. This is prayer for others as well as ourselves. It is the time to forgive and pray for our daily needs.

None of this is etched in stone, but it is a good way to remember the elements of prayer. You may be able to think of other models that have helped in your prayer life that you could share with others. Praying never goes out of style. The model that Jesus used thousands of years ago still works today. Praying is not hard; this model should get more of us praying.

God bless you!

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