Sufficient Grace in Times of Struggle

The good news is that God never gets tired of us, our problems or prayers.

Posted in , Jan 28, 2016

God's grace matters when we struggle with our problems.

One perk of living on the East Coast is being able to enjoy a peaceful snow day every now and then. These days not only provide time for house chores, but also allow time to catch up with family and friends. And this past weekend, I did just that.

I spoke with a dear friend who lives on the West Coast. We caught up on all aspects of life, including our spiritual and life concerns. My friend stated, “I feel discouraged that I do things I wish I didn’t do and don’t do the things that I know I should.”

Recently, I read a story where the main character expressed the same concern. He said, “I’ve been a Christian nearly my whole life, but I’m constantly disappointed in myself.” Then he asked, “Isn’t God getting tired of me?”

Anyone who has battled addiction, bad habits or other daily struggles knows the disappointment they bear when asking God for forgiveness or the strength to overcome, over and over again.  We want to do what is right, but find ourselves doing what we don’t want to do. It is a common struggle that even the great apostle Paul experienced. As Olympian gold medalist Jesse Owens said, “The battles that count aren’t the ones for the gold medals. The struggles with yourself–the invisible, inevitable battles inside all of us–that’s where it’s at.”

Invisible and inevitable battles are common and cannot be overcome alone. We must turn to the Lord for mercy, forgiveness and grace. When we tackle the spiritual and personal shortcomings in our life with our own might, we often fail and feel discouraged. This causes us to ask, “Isn’t God getting tired of me?”

The good news is God never gets tired of us or our confessions and prayers. His love and grace is beyond our human comprehension. God knows our shame, vulnerability and struggles. His grace is sufficient and gives us inner peace.

On our own, we could never overcome our problems, but with His presence in our lives we have the hope and faith needed to move forward. We are sustained by His grace and by keeping our eyes on Jesus, not on our inner struggles.

Lord, help me depend on your grace and to never give up on myself. Continue Your good work in me.

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