Pray Effectively

Child praying

How to Pray Like a Child

Expertise is not required to pray effectively. Instead, focus on humility, honesty and simplicity.

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Facebook prayers

My Facebook Prayers

I do appreciate hearing about the reasons people are celebrating and the reasons they need help. They can offer real cause for prayer.

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OurPrayer manager Ty'Ann Brown

Trust God's Unfailing Love

Watch this helpful video on the importance of trusting God's unfailing love.

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Prayer Tips with Ty'Ann: Trust

Prayer Tips with Ty'Ann: Trust God

OurPrayer manager Ty'Ann Brown shares the importance of putting your trust in God.

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Pray when you don't need to pray

Pray When You Don’t Need to Pray

There is a great advantage to regular prayer, whether you “need it” or not.

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What did King Solomon pray for?

What Did Solomon Pray For?

Wisdom, right? But there was more in this young king’s prayer than that.

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Personality and prayer

How Does Personality Affect Your Prayer?

Discovering and understanding your personality can be an aid to prayer.

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How to keep up with the names on your prayer list

3 Tips on Keeping Up With Your Prayer List

Your prayers for others are important. Here’s how not to let any names fall through the cracks.

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Pray for each church you pass

Pray for Every Church You Pass

How many churches do you see on your daily commute? Around your neighborhood? On the way to the grocery store or mall?

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Using ribbons as prayer reminders

Ribbons as Reminders to Pray for Others

Backyard bushes that are filled with ribbons. And every ribbon is a prayer.

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Prayer in the workplace

Prayer Fellowship at Work

Finding a way to talk with God as you go about your workday.

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5 best questions to ask God when praying

5 Best Questions to Ask God in Prayer

Not every question is a good question. But these are.

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