Prayer Stories

Prayer stories nurture faith and renew hope. The power of prayer can't be denied. Prayer can change circumstances or change perspectives, transforming lives and strengthening faith. Anyone who has ever experienced an answered prayer knows that every prayer story is a chance to move forward in your faith journey, relationships, career, or health.

Healing prayer

Pray for Healing

A church barbecue offers the opportunity to ask God to provide relief for others.

Finding a purpose in life

4 Ways to Find Your Purpose in Life

How to uncover joy in your life and ways to help others

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Pray like incense, oil and tears

When Prayers Are Like Oil, Incense and Tears

3 metaphors from the Bible that will help you envision praying in new and powerful ways

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Eating an ear of corn at the end of summer

Prayer for the End of Summer

Gratitude for soft wind and waves and sea-green water–and one more ear of fresh corn.

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Thank you when things go wrong

Giving Thanks When Things Don't Go Your Way

Gratitude can be found in less than ideal circumstances

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Don't be too shy to ask for prayer

Don’t Be Too Shy to Ask for Prayer

People love to draw closer to others in prayer. Open yourself up to that offering.

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Join Us for Children's Day of Prayer

Join Us for Children's Day of Prayer

Guideposts Outreach Coordinator, Lexy Curtin, talks about Guideposts Comfort Kit Program and invites you to send prayer requests for the kids and grandkids in your life! Join us for Guideposts Children's Day of Prayer, September 6th.

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What prayer has God answered for you?

What Prayer Has God Answered for You?

A family prays for a son preparing for a kidney transplant and gets unexpected news.

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How to keep up with the names on your prayer list

3 Tips on Keeping Up With Your Prayer List

Your prayers for others are important. Here’s how not to let any names fall through the cracks.

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Personality and prayer

How Does Personality Affect Your Prayer?

Discovering and understanding your personality can be an aid to prayer.

Singing praise of God

5 Ways to Sing Your Praise to God

Music is the key that opens our hearts and mouths in this important part of prayer.

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An artists rendering of a cell phone with an alarm set to go off at 12:31pm

Someone Cares: 12:31

A daily reminder to pray improves a former professional athlete's life immensely.

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A couple under stress

Praying for the Marriages of Others

When couples under stress don’t have the energy to pray for their marriage, someone needs to fill in the gap.

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Pray your complaints.

Make Your Complaint a Prayer

God hears us all the time, not just when we’re happy.

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