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4 prayers for Earth Day

4 Prayers for Earth Day

How to celebrate and strive to protect the glory of all God’s creation

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Volunteers post requests that have been raised up in prayer on Good Friday

Guideposts' 49th Annual Good Friday Day of Prayer

Join us online or in person for this uplifting day of prayer.

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How a smartphone can help you pray

6 Ways Your Phone Can Help You Pray

Take charge of your mobile device and turn it into a daily prayer nudge.

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Silicon Valley Breakfast Event Brings Faith and Business Together

Silicon Valley Breakfast Event Brings Faith and Business Together

The annual event featured inspiring speakers and opportunities to connect people of faith.

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Blessing a loved one

10 Bible Blessings to Pray for Those You Love

These quick but powerful words can be prayed over loved ones near and far.

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A volunteer posts a request that has been prayed for on Good Friday

Good Friday Day of Prayer 2019

Learn more about Guideposts' Good Friday Day of Prayer, an annual event that inspires and uplifts those who are able to attend in person and those across the country and around the world who join us in praying for others.

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A woman's hands holding a a lit red candle.

6 Ways to Pray When You Feel Spiritually Stuck

Try these creative tips to refresh your prayer life and grow closer to God 

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Joyce Smith, author of The Impossible

Meet the Real People Behind the Movie 'Breakthrough'

In our exclusive video, Joyce Smith and her son John recall the day that John was pronounced clinically dead after falling through the ice on a frozen lake, only to be brought back by the power of prayer.

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Praying out loud

5 Good Reasons to Pray Aloud (Even When You’re Alone)

Even when no one else is around, words spoken out loud to God are powerful.

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Trust in God

What Does It Mean to Trust God Always?

An apprehensive mom remembers how to hand her fear over to God before a medical procedure.

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A prayer for the moment

How to Pray in a Difficult Moment

When facing a near-impossible situation, here are words of prayer that may help.

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Praying in the shower

3 Surprising Places to Pray

In the middle of a busy life, there are everyday places that lend themselves to prayer.

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