Prayers for Easter Monday

Easter Sunday is filled with joy, grace and celebration, but what can we take from it into our everyday prayers?

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Easter was great. What a celebration. The church smelled like a float in the Rose Parade. All those flowers. All those Alleluias. All that joy. But what about the day after Easter? What about Monday?

Here’s what I try to remember when I bring the extra jelly beans into the office and my stomach is still groaning from all those chocolate eggs:

  1. The Resurrection isn’t reserved for just one day in spring. It’s forever.
  2. If even his best friends didn’t recognize Jesus on Easter, I’ve got my work cut out for me. I plan to keep my eyes open.
  3. Many of those people who crowded the church I won’t see again until Christmas. They’re still part of my heart’s congregation.
  4. This is my second Easter without my dad. I wear his bowtie to remember that he is around.
  5. My brother-in-law Mike is in a hospital burn unit right now. I remind myself of the miracle that he is alive.
  6. My desk will be piled with work and the emails will come flying. To everyone I say, silently or aloud, “Happy Easter!”
  7. The world’s greatest sorrow lasted only three days, from Good Friday to Easter. I can get through anything if I remember, “Wait three days.”
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