Prayers for the New Year

Prayers for the New Year

The New Year is a time for reflection and renewal. We hope you'll find peace, comfort and inspiration in these prayers for the new year.

  • Prayer for a Happy New Year

    Prayer for a Happy New Year

    May the Lord make my New Year a happy one…
    Not by shielding me from sorrow and pain, but by strengthening me to bear it if it comes.
    Not by making my path easy, but by making me sturdy enough to tread any path.
    Not by taking hardship from me, but by taking all cowardice and fear from my heart as I meet hardships.
    Not by granting me unbroken sunshine, but by keeping my face bright even in the shadows.
    Not by making my life always pleasant, but by showing me where men and His cause need me most and by making me zealous to be there and to help …
    God, make my year a happy one.

    —Guideposts magazine (January 1973)

  • Wisdom in the New Year

    God's Will in the New Year

    Father, I abandon myself into your hands.
    Do with me whatever you will.
    Whatever you may do, I thank you.
    I am ready for all, I accept all.
    Let only your will be done in me, and in all your creatures.
    Into your hands I commend my spirit.
    I offer it to you with all the love that is in my heart.
    For I love you, Lord, and so want to give myself,
    to surrender myself into your hands,
    without reserve and with boundless confidence,
    for you are my Father. Amen.

    —Charles de Foucauld, 1858-1916

  • Comfort for the New Year

    Comfort for the New Year

    Heavenly Father,
    At midnight,
    When the old year dies,
    And the new comes bounding in,
    I draw strength from knowing
    That in the next twelve months
    The snows will go
    The buds will burst
    The heat will rise
    The leaves will fly,
    That all these things will happen
    According to Your schedule
    And in Your time;
    That there is order in Your universe,
    And that I am part of it.

    —Van Varner, longtime GUIDEPOSTS editor and former editor-in-chief

  • Make Me an Instrument of Your Peace

    Make Me an Instrument of Your Peace

    Lord, make me an instrument of your peace:
    where there is hatred, let me sow love;
    where there is injury, pardon;
    where there is doubt, faith;
    where there is despair, hope;
    where there is darkness, light;
    where there is sadness, joy.
    O divine Master, grant that I may not so much seek
    to be consoled as to console,
    to be understood as to understand,
    to be loved as to love.
    For it is in giving that we receive,
    it is in pardoning that we are pardoned,
    it is in dying that we are born to eternal life.
    —St. Francis of Assisi

  • Credo for the New Year

    Credo for the New Year

    I believe
    That I enter a glorious new year
    To be filled with prayer and praise.
    With service to God and mankind,
    With inspired creative activity.
    I believe
    That God’s presence goes with me
    Wherever I shall go this year,
    By train or Ires or car or boat,
    Slowly paced on foot, or high in air.
    I believe
    His love is shining in my body,
    His wisdom guides my mind,
    His peace fills me with poise,
    His strength is ever at my call.
    Oh I believe
    That this is God’s new year.

    —Elizabeth Searle Lamb

  •  Prayer of Saint Teresa of Avila

    Prayer of Saint Teresa of Avila

    Let nothing disturb you,
    Let nothing frighten you,
    All things are passing away:
    God never changes.
    Patience obtains all things
    Whoever has God lacks nothing;
    God alone suffices.
    —St. Teresa of Avila


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