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Hi, I need urgent prayer I noticed these bumps or bites on my right hand in a line & 2little bites their bed bug bites I looked it up on internet,Please pray It stops & doesm't spread all over my apt. I'm 61 yr.s in a wheelchair I can't walk right now cause of RA, so I only go to computer room then my bed, my son Ben is homeless comes over maybe twice a month he puts his dirty chlothes on my bed or bedroom floor I get them washed, Or from hugging homeless people that live in their car I don't know how i got it I'm freaked out. Please pray for me & that this bedbug business is completly stopped 4ever, Praise God & TY 4 praying.

We need prayer to stay in our home

Please pray for Patti with gastrointestinal issues and headaches. She has so much stress in her life. Her husband needs healing from a bad leg infection, and he has had multiple surgeries on both legs since 1.5 yrs ago. Pray for comfort and peace and God's healing grace through his Son, Jesus Christ.