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Your prayer concerns are important to OurPrayer Community, a network of faith connecting, praying for and uplifting one another. When you submit a prayer request, it will be posted on our Pray for Others page where you will receive prayer and encouragement from our community.

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Please pray for my friend’s daughter and son in law who are divorcing. The couple has two young daughters. My friend is encouraging the divorce to protect her daughter and grandkids. However no one is praying for the son in law and for a reconciliation which is what he wants. He has issues with depression that is the root cause of the breakdown of the marriage. I am asking for prayers for God’s will in this and For peace for that family. And also that he gets help. Thank you.

Please pray that God surrounds all my households with His angels to keep us safe from all evil and deliver us from all sickness, and provides our every need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus, physically, spiritually, mentally, emotionally and financially, more exceedingly and more abundantly than we can even think or ask. Thank you.

Please pray that God’s will is done in my other son’s (C---) life and to bring this son back to God/church. Please pray that God rids him of any fear, anxiety, anger stress and depression and fills him with His peace, love, joy and happiness; that God delivers him from pride, anger, depression and/or other mental issues, and from addiction to alcohol and smokeless tobacco; that God heals him physically, spiritually, mentally, emotionally and financially; that God prospers his business and/or provides him with a good paying permanent job with good benefits; that God gives him favor in getting out of debt and that God heals and restores our relationship with one another so that the lines of communication be opened and remain open. Thank you.