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Lord Jesus please set daughter Nyree free,deliver, I rebuke,break the spirits of sedution,that influence Nyree to alcohol/drugs, craving, break the Bondage/slavery to addiction. I break,rebuke the spirit of addiction,Infermity, the manipulative spirits that bring or supply alcohol/drugs to her. Lord Jesus fill her with your mighty power of your Holy Spirit, and let those scales blinds be remove, and O God open her eyes of understanding ,to see that she needs you Lord Jesus, send her christian connections to help her. to help her to commit submit to your plans for her. In Jesus name Amen,

Please pray for Clara, that the dental will be done correctly..its been years of negligence without any recourse through the law of man...pleass Lord Jesus Christ protect me..i ask this in your name Jesus Christ..amen

Please pray for A successful presentation and a good night’s sleep.