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Please pray for me and my relationship. I am trying really hard to let go of hanging on to my relationship and let God fix things. I’m praying that Go d would heal all the fears my bf has about committing completely and the resistance he feels because I’m putting to much pressure on him to go for counselling and rush to have us back. i am praying for complete healing in him. His heart mind and soul. That he won’t give up but keep working to get us back to a good relationship. That I can stop being anxious snd let God and him transform this. I want to be healed and become whole and secure. I want a beautiful relationship with no more anxiety. I want him to be excited to see me and wantbto have me around more like before. Please god restore and make things new and beautiful. Help me let go and let you lead

Please pray for my husband John to accept Christ as his Savior.

Pam has a very important medical test tomorrow. Please pray that her results are normal if it can be worked out according to God’s Will.


Thank You! Wayne