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Your prayer concerns are important to OurPrayer Community, a network of faith connecting, praying for and uplifting one another. When you submit a prayer request, it will be posted on our Pray for Others page where you will receive prayer and encouragement from our community.

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I am asking for renewed and stronger faith to bring me closer to Jesus. Also that I might serve Him and His church better every day. That I might be drawn closer to the Holy Scriptures each day. For long life to serve the Lord.

Please pray for my brother. Lou, who is battling stage 4 advanced prostate, pls part for his bones and liver to be restored todivine health, for the Holy Spirit to touch his heart, too, and lift his spirits.For another brother Bill, who is having dialysis with a weakened heart, to be touched inbody as well. Forwisdom and guidance for us and for me to have peace and to be grace, to know and receive the assurance and trust in the Lord. Thank you prayer warriors more tha I can say.

I'm extremely grateful for all that Cathleen did for me, especially when she trusted me enough to let me visit with her.