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I requested prayer for my son in law who has RP a genetic eye disease and was being considered for a research surgery for patients suffering from this disorder. He had gone through the pretest procedure and told he was a go but a few weeks later he received a call from the research team telling him he needed to go through two of the test again and there was a chance he may not be approved. He just recently went through the test again and after about 5 days received news today that he was approved for this new research procedure. God is Good!!!

Secret Services Watch Over them, 24/7. Never, Never Leave President Trump ALONE, Secret Service ALWAYS WATCH him, Never take theirs Eyes Off him??
We MUST, Keep. Prayering for President Trump, Vice P. Pence and Staff, their Families, for theor Safety, Protection, Security Security, from the Socialist in Washington D.C., who are working hard try to get President Trump out, PRAY for him all the way to 2020 Presidential Elections, even after the Election.
President Trump, has Enenies, planted within His Adminstation, he doenst know Exist, Secret Service, is aware of Enemies within too. Socialist in Washington D.C.May Try to Tamper with Elections and the Voter Turnout, Sercret Service is aware of that too, on top of it. Security, Protection, Safety for President Trump, be so, so, so, tide, making it difficult to get at President Trump, from within and without, even Secret Service Police them selfs within, their Loyalty to the President.
In Jesus Name Amen
Thank You Father-God

Lord i need prayer for all cps law enforcement to stay out of my life and my daughters life. Lord i need a prayer for money Lord. Lord i need prayer for Daniel R- to love me forever lord. Lord i need this addiction to leave me forever lord no more meth.