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Your prayer concerns are important to OurPrayer Community, a network of faith connecting, praying for and uplifting one another. When you submit a prayer request, it will be posted on our Pray for Others page where you will receive prayer and encouragement from our community.

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Please prayer for my sister Tara to quit drinking around her children and prayer for my niece Kayla to stand by her mom and help her all she can she just loss her husband and her husband left her nothing prayer my sister Tara will handle this right also prayer for me and Joe for a financial blessings and my son Robert to prosper in everything he does and his wife Katie also please prayer for me and Joe to quit cigarettes and I receive unconditional love from him

Please pray for the following people that prayers for healing Glenda with breast cancer, Steve with anxiety issues, Macy, and his brother Ross , Margo, Bonnie and my son Hector with sister Patty going blind, sister Linda has been mentally ill for many years, Aunt Mel recovering from a stroke. grand-daughter Lilly has neurofibromatosis, had her leg aputauted she's only 11 years old. Melody has lung cancer, For Francis lost her battle with cancer. for myself has issues with anxiety, depression, thinking early stages of alziemers