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Please pray for the new clinical trial that I am about to start to treat Melanoma will be a complete success. I pray that it will save many life’s. God has sent me promises that I am healed ! Praise God! I pray for no side effects while in this trial for my scans to reveal to the doctors that I am healed and cancer free even though God has revealed it to me. I pray that God will show me the wonderful purpose in all this and i May use it to Glorify God. Please pray he will lead me to my calling.

I continue to pray for building relationships of all types, and I pray financially as my house is literally falling apart and I am at a loss as to what to do. I pray God provides the finances to make the necessary repairs and/or helps me find the answer to what He wants for me, which includes that of my boys (20-21) as they grow to adulthood and learn to be responsible, and pay/make their own way to my finding the good strong christian man which God wants me to spend the rest of my life with. That he is good to me and my kids, loves me, that we can have fun and maintain a strong healthy relationship together.

Urgent prayers for my 11 year old first grandchild Elijah and for his parents Steven and Nichole. My son Steven called to tell me Elijah has had suicidal thoughts. Elijah is I the 6th grade and has mild asperger/autism he is socially awkward and has no friends. This breaks my heart. Praying a hedge of protection and pleading the blood of JESUS over Elijah. I pray for godly influences and godly friendships. I pray for some sort of interest in something that will make him shine, be proud and love himself in JESUS name.