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Pray for my family to call me. My son lives real close but doesn't call us. He texts us. Pray for my brother who's mad at me. He hasn't called me. Pray for my health and husband's health. Pray for me to lose weight.

Please continue to pray for safety for Adam and Brian: for his bladder infections to get better and to stay healthy with no new problems. And for Adam to regain his strength and coordination after his stroke . For Stephie for a quick and complete recovery after her spinal surgery. And for laurie, for her neck and arm symptoms ro resolve without the need for surgery. And for safety from the covid virus for my family, especially Adam, Pedro, Maddie, Marcie, Laurie, Nathaniel, Daniel, Oksana, Ceci, Paty, Steph and Vanessa and their families
May the Lord protect me, Laurie and Steph as we are doctors/nurses and keep us all healthy and safe as we work in the hospital as essential healthcare workers. My the Lord rid of the coronavirus and prevent another huge surge of illness.

Hi, I had an incident with my family and asking for infinite protection over myself and boyfriend. None would harm us nor even attempt to harm us both. All spiritual warfare and afflictions lifted from us. God would control them with the Holy Spirit and let none raise a hand not weapon against us forever. May we fear nothing, but the Lord forever. Mercy and forgiveness for us, those who wrong us and God let us have a good day without anything bad happening to anyone/anything. In Jesus name amen