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Prayers for Dana and family all to get along asap, guid/wisdom/protection esplly her older brother NIck salvation asap and eyes open to get to church and to get along with his dad asap and all family get along in Jesus name timing to see/write, text again timing all work out prayers no sickness in Jesus Name for me, Rich mom dad, my family, rich family and all friends and neighbors in Jesus name, safe travels for Gloria/Ernie FL to MD heading home on the road to go smoothly and timing see/say/do & all work out guid/wisdom/protection prayers Jerry ann and family financial to work out ALL payments, house, food and school and their needs and timing to see/say/do work out inc upcoming plans this evening timing to watch FBC message and this week, if/when help & to get frame and who/when timing easily smoothly set up & move furniture quick,safely thank you

Dear Friends in Christ,
Please join me in prayer as I ask our almighty God to abundantly bless my two young adult daughters with an enormous amount of wisdom and strength to agree to help their brother, David and his family, by driving one of their vehicles from Massachusetts to their next home in Georgia! This will be an amazing time for the ladies and their brother, as well as for my husband and I because we also have to drive a vehicle! David will be serving at Fort Stewart, Georgia, USA.
Thank you!!!
May God bless you and keep you, tonight,

Please be with Barrett as he is in rehab.