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Please, please pray for me that I do not get into trouble at work or lose my job. Let there be no investigation or documents or email messages produced nor any complaints lodged against me. Pray that anyone even thinking about coming forth with any all ed cation, ever will choose not to. May God speak to their spirit. Pray that my family does not suffer and that God forgives me of my sins. Please pray that God will speak to, and touch and heal Tamela. My God bless and keep each of you. Amen.

I am worried about selling my house. It has flooded & want
to move away from the creek. I've been here 42 years and hard to
give up a home with all these memories, paid for, etc. 70 yrs old
and not sure I have the energy to move. Prayers so appreciated!

please pray for Brian for infection to clear totally and for good, and for his new treatment to successfully heal him
And for Pilar, who is suffering from mental illness and needs Go'd protection and healing