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Hi dear Friends at OurPrayer Community,

This time I am requesting your inspiring prayers for my friend Sergio - Jr. who is in need of financial help to stabilize his finances. May God bless him with the necessary ideas and assistance to go on with his life.
Thank you for your constant dedication, God bless you all!

Please, pray for our son to perform well at his important meeting today
Pray that he is healthy. Pray that his family is well and all the children do well in their studies and work.Thank you God Bless

Pray for repentance of my family and God's peace. Pray for Gary to get baptized and turn his life over to God and for our union to be blessed. Prayer for my niece Amber to get approved to move into the rental house. Prayer for wisdom and understanding patience and forgiveness as well as humbleness. Prayer for me to stay close to God and for Him to utilize me and let me be a light for my fiance, family, friends and coworkers. For me to live in Gods will and plans for my life and fulfill my life's calling. For me to continue to be a blessing and a tool for my office and continue to hit goals. For God to give us absolute clarity whether we should stay in CA or move back to FL. Prayer for my parents health.