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Please pray for my cousin Cody for God's goodness and mecy to surround him with good health, safety and prosperity. Pray that God keeps him from harm. Pray that he can provide for himself. He is having an extremely hard time and could really use some good news. Pray fir his health and well being. Thank you for your prayers. He could really use a good friend and God's guidance.

Please pray that I will get on with my life and be able to stop taking so much medication. I have become dependent on prescription medication now for years and it is so hard to stop taking the meds. I have adult ADD and I desperately need prayer. Please pray for my husband's understanding. I have no self esteem anymore due to so much weight gain from the medication, and most of the time zero will power. I have been praying for God's help and I believe He is the reason I am asking for prayer. Please pray that I will get this excess weight off and get some self esteem back someday. My husband is on to me constantly about my weight gain. I need prayer desperately. Your prayers are so very much appreciated.

Sincerely in Christ's Love,

Sharon -

I am really confused what to do. We have been trying to sell our house for the past month. We have had over 30 showings and NO offers. Not one!! We live in a town that the real estate market is strong. Houses around us are selling quickly. Not ours! Why is the question we are asking. Even the real estate agent doesn't understand. What is holding us back from moving on. There are a few reasons we are wanting to sell. The first is that the house is not designed for our handicapped child. We wanted to fix that; just don't have the money and won't for a long time. It is not fair to her. Second, financially we are struggling. Living here my husband and I would have to work full time jobs and do extra work on the side. Working all the time and no time for family. Moving we can pay off debt and start a fresh life. We need to sell the house ASAP so we can move at the end of August. Please pray for guidance on what to do. Pray for answers. Thank you