Answered Prayers

Prayer testimonials are true stories of the transformative power of prayer. Share your testimonies of moments when prayer has made a difference in the world around you, or times when answered prayers have changed your life.

My son seems better in the last few days. He is not giving up and is trying to get things done. He still finds people are coming when he is not home and stealing what they can get their hands on. It is sad that this goes on. Thank you for continued prayer and I pray for the others who need prayer.

Praise God for my continued ability to do my taxes!

Thank you for helping my daughter be more confident.

Thank you dear Father for healing my cancer. The power of prayer! Praise the Lord! Amen

Praise God for P for P yesterday.

Thank you, God, for blessing me with success on my short term disability claim

Praise God for work yesterday even though it did not go well.

God healed my vision and is blessing my finances. Praise you Jesus.

Thank you, for praying Friends in Christ!!! And, thank you for answering our prayers, God. I am undeniably grateful that my young daughter’s gastrointestinal problem has been uncovered and she will be her old, healthy self after two months of medication!

Praise God I had work this morning!

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