Answered Prayers

Prayer testimonials are true stories of the transformative power of prayer. Share your testimonies of moments when prayer has made a difference in the world around you, or times when answered prayers have changed your life.

Thank You Lord for providing a safe and affordable home for me. Praise You! Amen! Amen!

I have been praying for my future son-in-law to get a good job. He got laid off more than two months ago and has two kids to support. I asked the wonderful people of Gudeposts to pray with me. He just got rehired by the company who laid him off! Glory Hallelujah! God is good!

Thank God for work yesterday!

I went to the psychiatrist appointment and felt better. In fact, I had an energy I hadn't had in a long time, and decided for the first time in a couple of months, to go to one of my happy places, a local theme park. I spent many fun hours there & did not get tired. Thanks for your concern, Our Prayer, and for specifically e-mailing me.

Thank you for the blessings and miracles.Thank you for loving me so much despite of my sins and weaknesses and sometimes doubts.Thank you for being my loving Father in Heaven.

Thank You even I am not worthy that you go under my roof .Thank You for loving me and my family.Thank You Father for everything.Thank You.

Lord I am grateful for the favour and approval received today to proceed on the supply and production of the items quoted for (3) weeks ago. Give me the strength to deliver and to honour you again with my covenant agreement as did by this time last year in Jesus name. Amen.

Thank God for many hours of warmth yesterday morning at church, and seeing people that i know and can talk to.

Thank you for shielding and protecting us from Hurricane Michael and for listening our prayers.

Glory to God! My prayer request for a visitor visa was answered. Thank you Jesus! Thank you prayer warriors for praying along with me. God is good all the time.

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When God answers our prayers and grants miracles in our lives, we experience the joy of renewed faith. Has prayer made a difference in your life? Share your story.