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Prayer testimonials are true stories of the transformative power of prayer. Share your testimonies of moments when prayer has made a difference in the world around you, or times when answered prayers have changed your life.

First thanking God for all of my wonderful daily blessings and answered prayers.
Thanking God my follow-up health appointment went excellent. My staples were gently removed. My report came back cancer free.
Also Thanking God for a excellent experienced doctor and team for a excellent job well done. All the honor, praise and glory go God in the name of Jesus Christ.
Thank you to all of wonderful prayer warriors.

Praise God my family lived another day, and I went to a lovely meeting yesterday; and spoke with my son in the evening!

I suffered from not only smoking addiction but drug & alcohol use, and Guideposts prayed for me. I also had mental health problems and was broken-hearted from a breakup with an old boyfriend. Jesus transformed my life. The first time I picked up a cigarette, I was at youth group, years ago. I hid it from the adults even though I was supposed to be learning about Jesus and receiving God's love. Only the other teenagers knew about it, and they enabled me, without smoking themselves, because it was a cool thing to protect me from getting in trouble. But little did they know that I would soon need intensive treatment for substance addiction and mental health problems. It.'s not their fault. They didn't know any better. But I am glad to say I am clean & sober, and I am actively making an attempt to quit smoking. Thanks for praying for me, even though I was so bad. I'm sorry that I sinned against my own body, which is a temple, and I resolve to always grow closer to God.

Praise God my family lived another day, I went to a lovely morning meeting, and visited with friends and neighbors at a local concert yesterday!

Praise God, my family lived another day and I accomplished some of my goals yesterday; and spoke with my granddaughter, and had test messages from my daughter and son-in-law!

Thank the Good Lord in Jesus's name for my good health

Praise God, my family lived another day, and I had a lovely dinner get together with friends yesterday; also had contact with my youngest grandson on his birthday!

Praise God, my family lived another day, and I went to a lovely pool party; and met with friends early evening yesterday!

I had requested prayer for my friend, Carolyn. She has cancer of the larynx. I took her for a PET scan last week. The test results great ... responding to
treatment!!! PRAISE THE LORD!!

I asked for prayer more than once in the last month for my mom. Went to ER with low blood pressure and low oxygen and clammy skin. Had to be intubated & admitted to ICU. Was able to begin breathing on her own & be extubated three days later. Diagnosed with pneumonia for the second time in a month. Now off antibiotics. Bless you OurPrayer Community !

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