Answered Prayers

Thank you God for healing our marriage!

Thank you to everyone who has been praying for our daughter Elizabeth. Thanks to all of the prayers we are prepared for the transition into kindergarten and are making headway on potty training.

thank you so much for all your prayers for my younger daughter Valerie she found a good man after all the worries and trials thank god for all of you.

Thank you, Guideposts, for praying for me. I've come to a broader perspective concerning my faith, and I much more easily find peace. Praise God, I feel so happy now and accepting of God's plan for me, and whatever more troubles might come along the way. Thank you. God bless.

Thank you God, I am actually feeling a little better.

Dear praying partners, my sister Elsie,Yvonne and I returned safely from our trip no issues on road at all, coming back took longer traffic was very slow due to an accident ahead of us. We took our time I drove it was a five hour drive, it took seven hours coming back. God is good Many Thanks for the prayer.

Thank you God, Joan paid her condo fee for August!

My husband has been promoted..Thanz be to God...

I have been praying for 1 month now and I received a job offer today. I was interviwed by the company but due to vacations I was not notified. It was two long weeks in the valley of the shadow. I had days that my faith was weak. Praise be to God. Keep praying, He is preparing a table for you. Amen!

Yesterday I sent prayer that The Lord would cause me become a positive thinker Almost immediately I sense a change in my thinking

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