Answered Prayers

Thank you God, I am feeling a little better from yesterday, and I found some medicines which might help!

Thank you God for the call from my son yesterday!

My daughers bridal shower was perfect except the air conditioner was broken.......She got just a bout anything you could ask for.

Praise be to God and all those who prayed for my daughter who is suffering a drug addiction. While I tried doing everything I could to help my daughter, it ultimately was her decision to seek and accept help. I have prayed for her healing and protection for quite some time now. When it was apparent that her condition had deteriorated, I posted a prayer request here on Guideposts. The power of prayer led her to make the decision to obtain professional treatment. Thanks be to God and all who prayed over the request.

Thank you God I think I got the cost of my phone bill lowered; also communicated with my 2 children via text!

In the name of Jesus, prayers for healing of my children and grandchildren. Thank you.

Thank you God for great exercise classes yesterday, and my therapy appointment!

Thank you all for your prayers and I thank God for hearing and answering my prayers to fix my relationship with Andrew B.

Thank you God for healing our marriage. It's better now than before!

Thank you God, I saw Jim yesterday and had a call from my daughter last night.

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