Answered Prayers

Thank you for praying for my relationship with my brother to be healed. He is back in contact with me again, praise God.

Thank you for praying for my plantar fascitis. I had a fantastic physical therapist make an insole that keeps my foot straight now when I walk and no more pain.

Thank God for a lovely bike ride and lunch with friends yesterday!

Thank you for praying for Robbies court monday The judge had mercy on him and the lords favor was with Robbie - It was a MIRACLE all charges were dismissed and dropped - His family and friends even said it was a miracle and that they all need to start going to church because it had to be God . Thank you !!!!!

A couple of months daughter's skin was almost bleeding from scratches because of eczema.....thank God for His answer because she .can now eat high allergy foods that we learned from her blood was stress that's causing the eczema.....she still ha a bit of allergy due to egg whites and milk...but am still praying that she would soon overcome......

I asked for prayers due to financial stress and I feel God provided yesterday after I asked. I got home and my sister asked if I could take her to the grocery store and I said yes and when we got there she let me buy groceries and she paid for them and then gave me money for gas so I could get to work! And this morning I received some more money to help until next pay day! I am so grateful for your prayers and God’s help.

Greetings in the mighty name of our soon coming King Jesus Christ. I just want to say thank you for your prayers over the years. I have seen where my prayers and yours on my behalf has been answered over the years.
Last semester I passed all courses with A's. My son got a II in his CSEC Math exam,one of my daughters is still doing well in schooligans and has recently accepted Christ. The other is trying to make changes.

Thank you

Thank you God for the meditation yesterday and I was able to recover half of what was taken from me.

god helps me with my bipolar disorder day of my nlife in the year of 2018

My husband became a Christian about 2 months ago. God is great!

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