Answered Prayers

Tank you God and all those in the Prayer Comunity who prayed for Baby Lucas. He survived his brush with death and was released from C. Hospital ICU today. May God bless you for taking the time to part for Lucas and his parents.

Thank you for praying for my brother Ivan . The surgery went well and the Doctors wore able to remove the mass from the arotic vein that runs through the kidney. His recovery is slow. Praise God for his blessings.

PRAISE the Lord we got home safe from our bus trip and had a great time

Thank you God, for seeing local friends and making new friends; and the interesting workshops.

I have been praying for help and God sent money my way. Amen

Thank you Lord for waking me up this morning. Thank you for favor, blessings, and strength. Thank you my daughter text me this morning. Thank you my oldest is taking my youngest to camp. Thank you for cars that operate and are in good condition, thank you for gas, thank you for a successful event. Thank you for friends that call to check on me and send prayers. Thank you for my cousin who I can talk to about anything. Thank you for good health, sound mind, a home, food, clothes, water, hands, feet, life, love, laughtee, memories, hugs, and blessings. Thank you that something amazing is going to happen to me today. I am thankful for renewed strength and an open heart.

Thank you God, Jim joined me for a concert the other night; and a saw him again yesterday at a meeting!

Praise God, Lee's cancer is gone! He looked soooo healthy the other day. He's covered in God's love and spirit. Billy cancer is gone again. Richard's surgery was a success the other day. The other day, I had to get out in the rain 4 different times...once out to the car, once into doctor's office...once back into car and the fourth time out of car back into home. It was raining heavy. I asked God to stop the rain these four times.. He dd! I didn't get wet. Very shortly after my driver got back into her car it rained again. God kept us both dry. Amen.

Thank you, Lord that I was able to get the car I wanted with a very low-interest-rate! Also, thank you Lord for my grandson that he had a good summer school session and music camp. Thank you for your prayers that my husband and myself are in fair health he is still healing nicely from his eye surgery. Thank you, Lord that my daughter is still healing nicely from her surgery. We are assuming there was no cancer! Thank you, Lord, for giving her the strength to get away from her last boyfriend. Thank you, Lord, for my grandson to become closer to his father and siblings in a very positive way! Miracles do happen thank you thank you. In Jesus Name Amen,

Thank you Lord for my MRI results showed no cancer. And thank you for praying for me my prayer warriors.

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