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Prayer testimonials are true stories of the transformative power of prayer. Share your testimonies of moments when prayer has made a difference in the world around you, or times when answered prayers have changed your life.

Praise report! Thanks be to God, and many of my friends here, and elsewhere, who prayed for me. I received my final pathology report and my (Uterine) cancer is gone, and no further treatment needed! I posted a prayer here several days before I found out the results, asking for your prayers. Am so grateful that I was spared more invasive tests and treatments, and my cancer has be removed. Thank you prayer partners. And to all of you out there reading this now, please don't lose hope. God will make a way, even through the hardest time in your life. He will make things work out better than you can imagine. Just trust in Him that things are exactly as they are supposed to be and things will change in His divine timing. May all here be blessed and also healed by Gods grace!

thank Heavenly Father for my tax return. Also, thank you that Carmen at peace.

Praise God for the continued health and care that He provides to my body and the ability to have strength and stamina to provide for my family and serve Him. Thanks.

thank you Heavenly Father for this day and the blessings we will received. Thank you for hearing our prayers and answering them.

Praise God that He continues to keep our eighteen month old grandson, Michael, safe and protected and developing as he has Down Syndrome. Thanks.

"God, thank you for all the grace and favors which you have given me through the prayers of your Apostle, Jude Thaddeus. St. Jude, I thank you for your intercession in response to my prayers. I will always be grateful to you and will spread to devotion to you. Be with us always so we may face our problems with courage and serenity."

February 20, 2015
Thank you Lord for blessing our family and meeting our needs. Thank you for being with us thru the bad times and the good. Thy will be done. Thank you for peace of mind and hope. Thank you Lord for the health and safety of our family. Praise the Lord!!!

I had requested prayer for church finances that always seem to be scrambling to catch up, a relative is treasurer so I hear about it. The prayer was answered in an awesome way when someone who passed away a while ago left the church a sum of money that will be very helpful in filling giving shortages for some time. The congregation ministers to many who don't have a lot to spare. Now I suppose there is an additional need for prayer of using it wisely and not blowing through it in a way that isn't sustainable. Thanks be to God for coming through in a big way!

My daughter started her new job this week and in her words she loves her job! Thank you for your prayers

Last week I submitted a prayer request for Abe, the young, nearly blind farm dog that was lost. All praise and thanksgiving to the Lord for his safe return home to his family!!!! God is GREAT!!! Thanks to all who prayed on his behalf!

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