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Prayer testimonials are true stories of the transformative power of prayer. Share your testimonies of moments when prayer has made a difference in the world around you, or times when answered prayers have changed your life.

Praise my oral surgery went well. It was painful but as soon as we got medicine from CVS it was better. Thanks for your prayers.

Thank You Heavenly Father for blessing, healing and saving my Mother, Brother, family, friends, neighbors and me, continue to bless, guide and protect us. Forgive us of our sins. Thank You for giving me a good new job. Touch and heal my friends, n, t and j, all of whom are seriously ill. Bless those on our prayer list, homeless, unemployeed, uninsured, suffering loss, facing danger, disaster and bad weather, our public servants and service men. We ask in the name of Jesus, not our will, but Yours be done. Amen gcm

Thank you for all your prayers for my son and me to get a place to live. I think I can qualify for a small loan! I know the Lord is working on me now and I have faith that it will come to pass.
Thank you so much please keep praying for us to move these mountains.God Bless

Thank you God! I asked for a prayer for my cousin S's business to pick up. She was short on the salon's rent money and today a lady walked in and asked her for a tan. She bought a package which came out to the amount my cousin needed to pay the rent. She didn't even know this woman! Thank you Jesus. She was worried. Thank you Guidepost!

Father in Heaven, While I have not seen the answers to many of my prayers, I thank you for hearing and answering them as you promise in your word. You have given me the faith to believe in you and Jesus Christ and as you have done this, I know you have answered all of my prayers in your perfect timing! I receive your best as you promise. In Jesus name, Amen!

Thank you Lord! My daughter and new granddaughter are ok. Thank you for all your blessings!

As I told myself not to worry, the Lord is in control.
I prayed on it and sent it my prayer request too.
I've been blessed with the funds for the baby shower.
Yes the Lord is in control, when you give it to him.
Thank you Lord and your son Jesus. Thank you too prayer warriors.

prayers were said for my son in law to get work and he is now working....thanks to all that prayed and THANKS TO GOD for this gift

Thank you for helping out a little bit yesterday . We appreciate how you help us and know that there are still alot of blessings coming our way please continue to pray for us thanks alot god bless you.

Thank you Lord for a wonderful visit with family we had not seen for a long time. Praise the Lord!!!

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