Answered Prayers

Prayer testimonials are true stories of the transformative power of prayer. Share your testimonies of moments when prayer has made a difference in the world around you, or times when answered prayers have changed your life.

First thanking God for all of my daily wonderful blessings and answered prayers.
Thanking God for another blessing and answered prayer of being eligible for a heating program and that my gas will never be shut off.
Thank you for your prayers.
God's love endures forever.

Thank you God I made it through a whole day of work yesterday; and had a call from the government regarding another job possibility (however I don't think it's God's will for me to accept this interview at this time, but I will call them back; prayers for continued guidance).

i requested prayer for my dental serious problems 9 /18/18 and God answered thank you for the earnest prayers prayed for me - ive been coming to guide post for over 30 yrs for prayers i use to mail my request by mail i trust the prayer warriors thank you for being there for me !

Thank you Jesus for all the gifts that you have blessed my family and I love strength and protection. For opening up my eyes to see and know the truth.


Thank you to Everyone who prayed for my friend Anna Ruth and her family! The surgery went Well. Though the doctors found cancer and she faces radiation and chemotherapy. But she is doing well after surgery. THANK YOU. God Bless You!

Thank God, J said K- will be taking one of the cars!

My cat Silly is feeling better. Oh my God, I thought I had signed her death certificate today. She sat on the floor for at least 9 hours without barely moving. I sat in the computer room all night, because I was consumed with guilt. I thought maybe I shouldn't have taken her to the vet. She is still very weak, but she jumped up onto the love seat and is snuggling in nicely. Please continue to pray for the healing of this beautiful little 14 year old cat. She is such a doll and I love her very much. Father, forgive me if I doubted You. How could I have doubted the only healing God that is full of love. Thank you Jesus!!

Thank God for meditation this morning, and accomplishment of errands.

Thank you for praying for Dante.His ear infection is gone.Please keep praying his allergies get better.

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