Answered Prayers

Prayer testimonials are true stories of the transformative power of prayer. Share your testimonies of moments when prayer has made a difference in the world around you, or times when answered prayers have changed your life.

Our teachers have approved a fair contract. Changes I had wanted for years but had given up believing I would see have happened this time around. This will improve work conditions for many of us. Thankful! Thankful! Thankful!

Last night I was despondent and deeply disturbed and prayed to touch the hem of Christ. I woke up with a deep sense of peace and a conviction that all is well because our Father has provided the solution. And, yes, my prayer was answered! My problem was solved. Thank you so much for those who prayed with me and for Guidapost's support. Thank you, Father. Thank you, Jesus.

I was able to talk to my work about them changing my schedule to work from home only half days instead of full days. They might see if someone can scan checks or something I don't want to work half days I feel sad but maybe they will find something to do so I can work from home more.

My adult son struggles with depression and a bipolar disorder. In 2014 his girlfriend of 6 years broke up with him and he attempted suicide. since then he has been afraid to be in a relationship because he's afraid of being hurt; he feels worthless and unworthy and unlovable. He feels like a failure because he hasn't been able to hold down a job for more than a few months. But mid July he was hired as administrative assistant at a church near us and we feel that job God provided because his sister saw the job posting. The minister remembered her from VBS 20 years ago. It took nearly 4 months for him to be hired but we feel God opened the door and provided for him to get this job. When he is depressed he doesn't leave his room. Now he works Monday, Wednesday, Friday so he has time to rest and recover in between because it is very stressful for him to work since his last job was 2 years ago and that ended badly. Just yesterday he told me that he is making friends with the girl at the juice bar he goes to before work. They connected over a share interest in their spiritual journeys so he hopes to call her to meet for lunch after Labor Day. This is a big step forward for him and an answer to prayer that he be able to make new friends and for him to realize that he is a valuable person who is attractive and interesting to the opposite sex. I feel God is gently guiding him and giving him opportunities for growth and positive change. I praise God that my son is feeling better about himself, he's feeling optimistic about the future;; he is moving from the darkness of depression into God's light of hope and a future. Praise the Lord!

My husband was laid off July 26, 2019 and he's 62. We didn't have rent money for Sept, Oct, Nov. We have it now and before Sept 1st!!! Thankful! I thank the Lord for his blessing.

Thank you, Lord, for healing Andrew, 11 years old. Praise Your holy name.

thank you jesus for answered and allowing me to share my blessings with my loved ones. God is very good to us and always on time

On Monday, 9/26 I sent you a prayer request for my husband Peter who is 84 years old and had been refusing to go to the doctor even though he is suffering from a gout flare up in his left foot and now his left hand is red and swollen. I was feeling very depressed and discouraged and I did not really expect anything to happen. In fact, when I was running out of the word count, I typed in "Help SOS" not a very godly, Christian way to end a prayer request. About 1 hour later, Dawn who has been staying with us for 8 months came to tell me that she got Peter an appointment for Tuesday 8/27 at 10 am This is a miracle and answered prayer. She had made many phone calls and most specialists in NYC do not accept new patients or you have to wait 2-3-6 months. At first Peter refused to go, but when I told him that this was an immediate answer to my prayer, he finally agreed. Yesterday he was very cooperative. Dr. F. was totally professional, very respectful, compassionate and competent. We both felt comfortable and trusting in his ability to treat Peter's condition. He was seen right away, he got bloodwork done in the office, we walked 3 blockes to get complete x-rays of his both feet, hands and knees right away. The doctor sent us the x-ray results yesterday afternoon. He called in a prescription to our local pharmacy and already the swelling and redness in his hand is going done. Truly before we call upon God, He has answered us. I am thanking and praising God for the miracle of immediate, answered prayer. I feel better. I feel relieved. I am so glad that I shared my prayer request with Guideposts. Now Peter is being more cooperative and willing to return for a followup appointment in two weeks. God is so good and gracious to His children who call upon him in times of distress and trouble. No prayer request is too big or too small to bring before His throne of grace and mercy, Thank you so much for having this valuable service of prayer requests for your readers.

Praise the Lord! I found my mom's wallet. God is Good.

Our Sonny is doing fine Thank you Lord Jesus for not making it a serious illness

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