Answered Prayers

Prayer testimonials are true stories of the transformative power of prayer. Share your testimonies of moments when prayer has made a difference in the world around you, or times when answered prayers have changed your life.

Our grandson has Special Needs and had surgery to fix a problem. We worried that he would lose some of his cognitive progress from the anesthesia but all went well. Thanks to God!

God is healing me and daughters relationships.

Praise God my family lived another day and I went to 2 lovely meetings yesterday, heard from my son and daughter!

I saw the testimony of many Christian brothers and sisters and I believe by his grace I will as well get a job with faith . And in advance I'm saying thank you Jesus for the job you've given me .Halleluyah

Praise God my family lived another day, and I made a galette; enjoyed 2 meetings this morning, and spoke with friends!

My 12 yr old nephew Zack had his 56 surgery thanks for prayers he is home on nutrition iv . God is always good !

I asked my brothers and sisters on this site to pray that my son and his family would find affordable, safe housing soon. Yesterday they found it. Or rather God found it for them. Thank you for praying. It works. Thank you to an amazing God who is always there for us.

Praise God my family lived another day; the president has shut his mouth in this time of mourning a member of the Kennedy family; I had a lovely bike ride yesterday and lunch with friends!

Thanking God and all those that prayed for my son, Greg, Open heart surgery was avoided and a stent in a stent fixed his heart problem. Thank You so much

I Thank and Praise you Father for answer to prayer regarding my daughters health,diagnosis and treatment.You truly are a AWESOME God and Thank You Jesus for keeping those which the Father has given you.

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When God answers our prayers and grants miracles in our lives, we experience the joy of renewed faith. Has prayer made a difference in your life? Share your story.