Answered Prayers

Prayer testimonials are true stories of the transformative power of prayer. Share your testimonies of moments when prayer has made a difference in the world around you, or times when answered prayers have changed your life.

I'm very thankful that a critical deadline just passed and that I am still an employee in good standing. Please Lord help me to trust in You for all my job worries.

Thank you Lord in Jesus's name for healing Noel, please never let him have that very serious sinus sneezing etc., problem again, in Jesus's name.

Praise God for work yesterday, a beautiful day weather-wise; and p for p with friends in the early evening!

Praise JESUS!!!!! Thank You, God!!! I left my purse in the Walmart parking lot in a shopping cart with all my credit cards, drivers license, passport, social security card, calendar book, and many important and sentimental things- and some wonderful person, an angel sent by God, turned it in to the customer service desk there, without touching, removing, or disturbing anything!!!! Praise God!!! God, you know who this wonderful, honest, caring person is, so pleae bless them a million times over for me!!!! And I will make sure that I bless and do good deeds for others!!! Halleluah!!!Yes! Thank You, Jesus, Amen :)

We (my wife and I) wound up in an unmanageable amount of debt. So I asked the Goddess for help and in 4 days I got $10,500 from an old job I had years before and a $5,000 loan from - Both paths came in the mail on the same day. Now we're debt free and only have $153 monthly bill from - very manageable. I always thought prayers were to make you feel better, but it really works, especially if you ask the correct sources and ask simply for help with a problem with all the heart energy you can muster. God is literally here and can change your reality as she did mine. All my heart goes out to thanking her every day.

Praise God my car was repaired yesterday and it cost less than I was expecting; heard from a friend regarding music this weekend!

Praise God for work yesterday, an appointment for my car; banking errands accomplished; text with my son. (Prayers that I will say the right things to him.)

Grandson check up was good
Praise the Lord

Dear Friends in Christ,
Thank you for joining me in prayer as we asked our almighty God to abundantly bless my daughter, her fellow classmates, and their professors as they traveled back to the USA from Cambodia. They are all now safe at home with their families tonight!

thank you Jesus for answered prayers for blessing Marie with financial increases today

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