Join Us for Good Friday Day of Prayer 2018

Put your faith in action on the holiest of seasons by submitting a prayer request for Good Friday Day of Prayer.


For 48 years, Guideposts has celebrated Good Friday Day of Prayer, collecting and praying for thousands of prayer requests online and by mail.  Please join us by sending in requests for your loved ones and visiting during the event and praying for others.

If you are in the Hudson Valley area, we welcome you to join us in person, March 30th, 8am-5pm at the Mizzentop Day School (formerly Peale Center) 66 East Main Street in Pawling, New York, where Guideposts’ praying community will gather to support those in need. Attend our Chapel Service,  take part in our Nail it to the Cross Station where we uplift concerns that weigh heavily on our hearts. Tour the Dr. Norman Vincent Peale History Center filled with inspiring memorabilia and learn about the founder of Guideposts and the Father of Positive Thinking.

“Good Friday Day of Prayer is an opportunity for us to gather together for moments of reflection and put our faith into action, as we share the love of Christ with others”, says VP of Ministries, Rev. Dr. Pablo Diaz. “A true sense of community is formed as we pause from our daily routines, reconnect with others, engage with new members from the Guideposts OurPrayer community and listen to the hearts of others.”

Please join us and put your faith in action on the holiest of seasons! Send prayer requests for yourself and your loved ones at

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