Pray for Others

Praying for others is a way to care for someone, even if they are halfway across the world. When you pray for others, you offer them a piece of yourself, your energy, and your heart. Pray with others to feel an even deeper sense of the prayer community that sustains us through every challenge.

Please pray for healing from allergys. My eyes are swollen and hurting

Please pray in agreement with me for my friends Bob and Jeanne who have COVID. They live in Florida and just found out from their doctor today. I am praying for a complete healing from COVID for them. I have seen my husband and daughter healed from cancer and full blown Candida when I was told no hope. I choose to take Gods word above all. Thankyou

Hi my name Kim ,and I just wanted to pray for everyone mostly but I would like to pray for peace and safety over myself and my family and friends.thank you and may god bless you all!

Please pray my mom gets the apartment in N.J. so she goes home to be healthy happy and safe and also my ex wife April and I be restored in marriage.

I didn't pray for the apt.I'm living at's infested with roaches..& they have breaking into seniors citizens ...the police are not helping us..I'm 67..& low income..I can't live like this please pray for me to have the finances to move..please..I don't know what else to do .

Thank you for our blessings Lord.Help J to be successful, problem free& very profitable now. Help resolution of the old jobs to be without problems,the decisions about the new one to be correct, the ac work right&taxes resolved in the best way possible.These are urgent needs. Help E's leg to be healed&all tests scores to boost her standing. Help J's neck eye, back & arm to heal without problems . Help us to have enough money to pay all bills,taxes and fees.Help J to get the best possible job immediately and fix the toolbox. Help the book to be a great success. Help J,E,E&N to be totally safe and healthy.Help CD,JS,BL,Jax, Pepper,dogs,Jon,Bob,Denise,Charlie and Craig to be healed completely.Help Jack to pay all rents owed now.Help the virus to be totally erased right now. Help me to work out the estate paperwork correctly, get the refunds now and please protect our assets.Help the plumbing to be fixed.Our needs are in your hands Lord. Thank you.

Please pray for TRAVIS M to be healed from lymphoma of the neck and head, IN JESUS HOLY NAME, Amen. Thank you all.

Please pray for me because I feel sad and down about my situation in life. I feel so helpless and I wish God would help get me out of the situation that I am in. Please pray that my plans to succeed will work out or that God will work a miracle

Please pray Sarah D of Pahrump, NV will not gamble; pray she will get the electrical problem with her truck fixed asap; pray she will go to the dentist for her toothache; pray she will go to a chiropractor; pray she get her health insurance back; pray she will get the title to her truck asap; pray she will reimburse her father for paying her bills; pray she will get the August date off so her father can go to Utah Shakespeare; pray she will get a weekend off so her father can visit his son Mark in California.

Pray for Emily.