Pray for Others

Please pray for my cousin Cody's financial situation. He has many unexpected expensives lately. His car needs repairs, high cost of housing, health issues and just general over all well-being. Please pray for God's help in overcoming these adversities. Pray for His wisdom and guidance to surrond Cody. Pray for Christian friends to enter Cody's life. Thank you for praying.

i pray that when i meet my future husband he will know i was sent by God and that he would only have eyes for me. thank you, in Jesus' name.

Please pray for my husband 76 yrs He has diabetes, HPB, enlarged prostate, foley catheter, UTI (he is on very strong antibiotics which is now causing diarrhea)
Please pray for him to stop having diarrhea, UTI to be cured, normal blood pressure, diabetic readings to be normal and prostate to be normal, plus pain in his left foot and calf area due to diabetes Thank you. God bless you all..

Please god protect my family an I keep us safe as well as healthy. Allow my legs to heal. Please let matt still love me an see me tomorrow. I ask of u let charles call me any minute to g o meet an let matt mom give me money if he asks. I love u please let hin call me soon. I love u amen.

Whoever my future husband is, I pray that God would make me attractive in his eyes and that I'd find favour with him. Thank you, in Jesus' name.

If someone can pray for me... I am praying for this new job to hire me so that I can move to a bigger home for me and my son. I believe we will be happier there with many more opportunities in our lives.

Remove my enemies

I pray that if God wants me to marry that my future husband would pursue me very intentionally and that we would have a great courtship. i pray that i would feel peace from the start and that he'd put me at ease/not make me feel unsure or like i have to chase him. thank you, in Jesus' name.

Dear Heavenly Father -Please protect & bless my husband John S -Please remove all the obstacles & injustices in his path-Please keep away all the evil that surrounds us-He is trying so hard & is so good please help him-Please bring good people into our lives-Amen May our Lord and Savior bless you all

Please pray for a fast miracle to take place please pray that by the time KAYLYNN gets home that Elijah will be in a good mood and that KAYLYNN, The boys,and him will all get alone good tonight and interzct watch videos and ect as a family and from tonight and now on that all of the will accept each other and get alone good with each other in Jesus name We Pray Agree As nd Have Total Complete Faith For This Miracle To Happen AND Take Place Tonight. Amen