Pray for Others

Praying for others is a way to care for someone, even if they are halfway across the world. When you pray for others, you offer them a piece of yourself, your energy, and your heart. Pray with others to feel an even deeper sense of the prayer community that sustains us through every challenge.

Please pray for me (Brenda).

Please pray for Sherry,Bob,Kathy,Bonnie,Margie .

I have a financial issue and need your prayers for a positive outcome. I believe in the power of prayer and in miracles.

Dom-behavior, our family together-unity working together. Business sales. The new house plan to work out before winter

Please pray that my son's depression, anxiety and OCD are lessened and that his eyes and remaining kidney stay healthy. Thank you.

I am feeling like my boyfriend is living a double life. He is very clever and hidden. Please pray God will help me and and reveal to me the truth of who he really is. TY

Heavenly Father I come to you humbly with thanksgiving. I plead the blood of Jesus over every area of my life, my family, my children, my health, my finances, my career. Lord go before me and guide me in the direction you have set for me to go. I ask you go before in me making smart financial decisions. I know that as i seek you first God the Kingdom of heaven, all things shall be added to me according to your riches and glory in heaven. Thank you Lord for being God and loving me. Send forth the Angels concerning and ckeep me clothed from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet with the blood of Jesus. I thank you and love you in Jesus name. Amen

Please pray that my daughter moves forward with her life, develops some close friendships, and finds a man to love who can also love her. Amen

No more torment memories from the past

Lord, help me to be a good influence to those who are watching me today and help me to not be rude to anyone and be kind to those who aren't kind to me. Amen.