Pray for Others

Someone I love very much is going through bad depression. He has made an appointment on Mar 11 to see a doctor, but he believes nothing will help. I need prayers that he will go to the appointment. I believe he can get better, but he doesn't. Please pray for his recovery and for the strength and wisdom I need to help him through this time.

Please pray for me and my family. My ex husband and my oldest daughter continues to try to hurt me and my family with their evil ways. please pray that they will leave us alone and that what ever evil spirits that have a hold on them that it will release them where they can recive the Lord Jesus Christ in thier hearts. Please pray that they will not be able to cause any havoc in our lives anymore.
thank you

Please pray for me (Mohamamd amin zarei and Jennifer C, Brothers and Sisters please please continues pray for us to our LORD our GOD. That GOD send to us a BIG MIRACLES in our life now. Please LORD hear and grant our prayers. In JESUS Name. Amen

Please pray for LoveJoy .

Please pray for me for me I am struggling with a new career while fighting some addiction issues and I need your prayers reminding me that with God on my side I will make it. Thank you!

Please pray for me (Josh).

Please pray for me (Jennifer C and Mohamamd amin zarei, LORD there's no impossible to you everything is Possible. Please LORD send us a Miracles in our life now so that this all problems now that were facing will be disappear. LORD please Help us. Have mercy on us. LORD I believe and I received now my prayers. In JESUS Name. Amen

Please pray for me (Joy and Ismael ).

Please pray for me (Jennifer C ).

Please pray for me (Jennifer C and Mohamamd amin zarei).