Pray for Others

Please pray for my family. My husband has given up on himself and needs encouragement. My grown sons need guidance with their future. I just feel lost

Please pray that I will get to feeling better. I have just not been well for awhile. Please pray I will get back to my normal self so I can get back to my work and family. Thank you

Please pray for me (Pray Carrielyn go bed n stop complaining fighting it n don't cry n relax m sleep ).

Please pray for me (My friend Frank was in a severe accident and needs healing).

Please pray for me ( Tomorrow afternoon (Thursday), Marty Lettinga will undergo surgical placement of a CRT biventricular ICD at Meijer Heart Center. Please pray for a successful procedure that will result in a much improved quality of life for Marty and that will strengthen his heart for the possibility of another cardiac surgery. Your prayers are very much appreciated!).

Please pray for our family my Mom passed away today
Thank you
God bless you

Pray that Derrick calls & shows up to talk with my daughter soon- like he said he would! And he doesn't stand her up. Pray God touches his heart & God restores their relationship! In Jesus name!

Dear Lord, I pray for your continual guidance as I care for my father who is very ill. Times are tough now again. Let me lean on you. I ask in Jesus' name. Amen

Please pray that I will be delivered from fear n intimidation t work. I m experiencing a lot of stress n anxiety at work. Heal me n save from the evil one. My managers attack me n sometimes I feel pressured n anxious Lord please deliver me n heal me

My friend is very sick. She has battled cancer for over ten years but now other issues have come up. Her husband says the doctors don't have a lot of hope but I believe in miracles. Please pray for Annette to recover. She is only in her fifties and I and her family still need her here on earth! I truly cannot imagine not talking to her again at least one more time! I was just reading the "Triumph" booklet and was reminded that you would pray too! Thank you!