Pray for Others

Please pray for CLaster.

Please pray for CLaster.

Please pray for fred to get better!
Thank you and God bless!

Please pray for Joy and Ismael .

Hello my wife and I are having a very hard time at this point in our life and marriage I am asking God to put us back together as one also I want my wife to be madly in love with me again I am also asking God bless us .

"Our Heavenly Father, We Ask Your Blessings Upon All Areas Of My Life" And Thank You" Thank You For The Incredible Great Wisdom & Strength" And The Incredible Great Power To Quickly And Successfully Guide Me To An Abundance Of Incredible Great Success With This "Incredible "Z- Opportunity" Thank You "GOD" Thank You" In Jesus Name" A-Men"

Please help me Praying for a Country that it is in a really bad shape, " Venezuela" They have a lot criminals on the streets, corruption, pets are dying with no food or people killing them to eat it. The Government is not doing anything to solve the problems.

Dear Lord,
Please give me the knowledge to finish my dissertation. It's becoming very expensive and I need more time and knowledge to align my proposal. I lift this up to you and claim this request!

Please pray for me (Beverly).

Please pray for Marilyn.