Pray for Others

Please pray for me (Veronica ).

Please pray for Mohamamd amin zarei and Akbar, Brothers and Sisters, Please pray for them always about there's problems and their situations in life now. Please pray that GOD send them a BIG MIRACLES to their life and situations in their case so that this case will be automatic will be disappear. That GOD touch the heart and mind of the people's who's involved in their case, they just give the punishment is to pay the penalty and release it again. Please pray for them. For GOD nothing is impossible everything is Possible. In JESUS Name. Amen .

Please pray for healing for two broken families

Please pray for me (Jennifer C, Brothers and Sisters please pray for me to our LORD our GOD that this very difficult problems that I have will be disappear I'm alone with this problems I don't know what I will do and I don't know how can I survive in this world, please pray for me that GOD send someone with me with a good heart that who can help my situations with this all problems with my financial, work and who someone who's can help to make my visa. Please Brothers and Sisters help me to pray to our GOD there's no impossible to our GOD everything is Possible to him. Please LORD our GOD hear and grant our prayers. In JESUS Name. Amen ).

Please pray for me (Joann -please pray for healing in my family. I pray my husband will fall in love with me again).

Please pray for our family
Healing for Richard
Blessings for our trip
God bless you

Please pray for me (Rachel pelletier).

Please pray for Chris to get a new job. It will help so much with his confidence and ability to feel that he is supporting his family.

Please pray for Chad/ Angela /Jackson .

Please pray for ex wife TJ and reconciliation with her. Please pray for our three young kids and restoration of our family of five. May the Lord's Will be done on earth and in our family as it is done in heaven. In the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, amen.