Pray for Others

Please pray for my daughter Alyssa and her husband Greg. They have been married for 3 years and have a 1 year old son together. Their marriage is strained and they have been separated for 3 weeks now. They are still talking and trying to be open...please pray they listen and heed God' guidance and that God's will be upon them. Pray that they can work thru their problems and reunite soon as one of God's family's as he intends us. Thank you.

Long-term addiction. Need God's help to overcome and live a better life.

Pray for our babysitting tomorrow. Pray for our neighborhood. Pray for my health and husband's health. Pray for me to start losing weight. Pray for me not to get bug bites again. Pray for my son's new job. Pray for my Grandchildren.

I would like prayer about a friend who believes a little different than me about the bible, he goes to church on saturday, and really feels that there is a special blessing in holding to the true sabbath, there probably is something but I don't want to be feeling like I have to be a certain way about a day I feel like it can turn into a type of bondage. He also is a Seventh Day Adventist, my big problem is with Ellen - as most things in the SDA church are framed through the vision's she had (I don't think they were from God)...I came across Romans 14 after praying for a while (I have read before several times, but kind of forgot about the passage)....I think God is trying to show that I wasn't being loving in a text I sent him and that I was too much on the attack about the problems of the SDA church, I honestly am somewhat confused, my friend wants to take our prayer group to an SDA seminar and I am against it because I feel like it is spearheaded through Ellen- undetstanding. I really need prayer

My brother jerry has just been diagnosed with bladder cancer, 2 tumors in his kidneys and a large aneurysm. he is 70 yrs. We need everyones prayers thank yu

Please pray that my bladder infection will go away soon. Thank you.

Please pray for Sherry, Bob, kathy,Bonnie,Gerry ,Margie,Jeff, Tanya .

Please pray for a fulfilling job change.

My son is going through a difficult time, please pray that he finds peace during this time.

Please pray for God's help over a mistake I had made and now an issue I have to deal with. Asking for God to show his care for me.