Pray for Others

Please pray for Frank for healing .

Please pray for me (Chesline ).

Please pray for me (Chesline ).

Please pray for me (Chesline ).

Please pray for me (Jennifer C, Brothers and Sisters pray my Family, that our GOD give them more blessings, good health, guidance,protection/safety, and more life for my family. In JESUS Name. Amen ).

Please pray that God heals my kidney and all my health and instabilities concerns. In Jesus' Name. Amen

Please pray for me (Jennifer C and Mohamamd amin zarei, Brothers and Sisters please continues pray for us, that our GOD send us a MIRACLES in our life now, so that this all situations/ problems will be disappear/dismissed. For GOD nothing is impossible everything is Possible. Please GOD help us to our situations you know GOD our problems please GOD have mercy on us. Help us LORD. In JESUS Name. Amen ).

Please pray for my family. My husband has given up on himself and needs encouragement. My grown sons need guidance with their future. I just feel lost

Please pray that I will get to feeling better. I have just not been well for awhile. Please pray I will get back to my normal self so I can get back to my work and family. Thank you

Please pray for me (Pray Carrielyn go bed n stop complaining fighting it n don't cry n relax m sleep ).