Pray for Others

I wanted to just say a big Thank You for all our prayers. I have sent in lots of requests, and as soon as I hit "submit" I feel better. I so appreciate each and every one of you.

I work in a workplace that has a lot of tension and moody people. I would really like to find another job. Please pray for a better working environment or a new job but for a change for the better, please. Thanks so much.

Please pray for my grandson Bo that God will heal his mind and he'll start on a better path for his life.

Please pray for me (Anonymous ).

Sarah's BF was in a bad motorcycle accident the night before last. A car cut him off him and he went over the side of the overpass. He is loaded with road rash, has punctured lungs from the broken ribs, broken ankle, both lower legs are broken, knees "messed up" and one broken upper leg, and there was an issue with his spleen. Sometime during the night or morning he stopped breathing on his own and the Drs have put him in an induced coma. PLEASE pray for him... and for guidance for his Drs, and strength for his mother and Sarah.

Lung cancer stage 5

Requesting a prayer for myself, asking God to bless me with a positive pregnancy test. Been trying to conceive for a few years now.

Please pray for me and my family ... we are in need of a financial blessing . It would help to balance a few obligations. Thank you

Please pray for my son and girlfriend who will be traveling in the coming week .. That they are safe and have a good time. Return home with no issues . Please pray thank you

Please pray for me (Kim).