Pray for Others

Please pray for me to allow
God's wisdom to lead me towards overcoming Pride.

Please pray for Mohamamd amin zarei and Akbar, Brothers and Sisters please please continues pray for them that GOD send them a Miracles to them in their situations. That they release them already in jail and just they give the punishment to pay the penalty and they release again. For GOD nothing is impossible everything is Possible. In JESUS Name. Amen .

Please pray for me (Jennifer C, Brothers and Sisters please always pray for me to my very difficult days in my life now, coz only GOD can help me in my situations. Please pray that GOD send someone with a good heart who can help my situations/ problems. I'm alone with this problems please pray for me that GOD will send me a MIRACLES to solve my problems. In JESUS Name. Amen ).

Please god don't let me lose my job because what's happening work isn't fair please help me please help things change please have someone at work help talk me out of not leaving and please don't let me get fired I want to work there and I want people to respect me please I'm severely begging you please help me

Lord we continue to pray for employment for Sara and Rody in the medical field. We pray for a placement for Rody that includes a visa We pray that the. Nicu. unit holds the job for Sara while they sort out the visa problems. Lord we leave the employment for Gilbert in your hands , I am not sure what to pray for him. I believes he needs a job for his self esteem, but not sure if it should've self employed, or for a job locally or on site work. Lord you know his skills, Lord help me to leave his employment issues in your hands. You know what is best for the family dynamics.
Your will not mine be done.

Urgent prayer request God knows

Please pray my judge becomes aware of my fears of a perpetrator who beat and raped me. I pray for relief through a restraining order. I trust God and know he is my protector. Soften my perpetrator s heart and help him put his eyes on Jesus. I pray he stops making me his God. God bless you!

Please be in prayer for my mother. She has so much anger, hate and bitter to my father and others. She had cancer and other surgeries this past year. My mother is just mean. She was never like that. Pray the Lord will open her heart and repair her. Pray for my father and his sobriety. He has turned to alcohol to cope. Pray for him not to want beer anymore. I stay so stressed and feel like I have to walk on egg shells around my mother.

my mom rosetta - stop talking to me because our sis Lorraine and tomica is on crack lorr is 50 tomica 47 neice tomica. I,am the only one who trys to help them and give them hope. they both have been on drugs almost 22 years mom said if I would stop talk to them they would stop call her just to say hi they both are on the streets. yes I do let them call me but I don't have anything with them call mom she has had the same phone num for over thirty years now mom will not talk to me or have anything to do with me because Lorraine call her again to say hi mom so its my fault she saids. but its her daughter on drugs not just my sis. I went to visit mom she would not open the door and just look out the window at me. my feelings are hurt. and I,am very sad I did nothing. but our bro lives with her that is her pet and the only child the only one that can live with her and it is 10 of us William her name Rosetta- sad

Please pray for Michelle -