Pray for Others

Please pray for my son David. He has quit drinking and it is hard. He has a baby on the way. thank you

I am constantly worrying that my son, Bob is lonely. I need to know God has a plan for him.
Please pray. Thank you

My children are abusing me verbally.
I was a very good mother.
Since I. Lost my money in recession they have nothing to doc with me only abuse.
Please bring positive people into my life.
A special man,husband died 16 years ago.
Want a healthy relationship.
I hope my children learn to respect and honor me.
I did my parents meant the world to me.
I miss them
Thank you for your prayers.

Please pray for Bob my friend he has an appointment on Feb. 22, 2017 for an MRI for aortic aneurysm pray for his salvation I just pray God Heals Him and he can see that God healed him.

Trying to refinance pay off all debt,lost all sVings during recession.
Am a widow,83 years old ,work sometimes as a teacher,please,I need a money miracle.
Thank you!

My son, Lucas and my husband, Keith.
Please please pray for them if you will. Also for nothing less than Godly wisdom and Strength on my part. Thank you very much.

Please pray that I am able to hear God's instructions. I know he is going to help my daughter Sophia achieve her dream of dancing professionally, but I don't know to whom I am supposed to entrust her further dance education. Is she supposed to stay at the school where she is struggling now, or move on to somewhere else? I cannot tell if the teachers here care about her success, she is supposedly in one of the best schools in the area, but I am not sure the person in charge has room in her heart to help my Sophia. Sophia treats everyone there kindly and shows great respect, but feels very unloved/unimportant. I just don't know what to do. Thank you for praying with me.

Please pray for my upcoming custody case with my ex that cheated and lied and took all of our money away. I had just graduated from college and had a baby and had surgery. I was a stay-at-home mom and he took all of our money and left us with nothing so we had to move to Nevada and now the judge summons me to come back to Oregon for the custody hearing; I'm not sure if he's gonna let me go back to Nevada where my car and my well-being and my family is. Please pray that I get to go to back to Nevada and that I get to be with my family and I get custody of my daughter.

Please pray for me (April ).

Please pray for Kate.