Pray for Others

Please pray for Chris - to get a job

Please pray for me (Mary).

Please pray for my dad- that his alcohol intake does not get the best of him and that he is able to live a long, happy and healthy life.

Please pray for me (Jennifer C and Mohamamd amin zarei, BROTHERS and SISTERS pray for both of us to this very difficult situations we have. Pray for us that GOD send us a MIRACLES to us that this problems will be disappear. LORD please hear and grant our prayers. In JESUS Name. Amen ).

Praying for Jesus to miraculously have Mark love me like He did the first time. Mark have eternal life in Christ. For Jesus to heal doggie Willy, to keep him healthy, safe, happy, and with me and Mark. Amen.

I need prayer. I was seeing someone who proclaimed he loved me, but he has other "entanglements" and decided not to date me any more and is not communicating with me. I've prayed to God for strength to get over this, and I have come a long way in not crying daily anymore, but my heart is so pained. I was looking forward to spending the warm spring and summer days with him and offering my encouragement and love to him. I don't want to spend this summer alone as I have in so many years past. Lord, please help me. Please make me strong to trust in you, that it will be a better day. That your will for me is for me to have the desires of my heart, which is to love and be loved. I'm letting fear and doubt overtake my trust in the Lord as I am so afraid that this summer is going to be just like all the others, and I ache inside. Lord, please help me. Please help me to overcome. Please help me to trust you and that my breakthrough is on the way. I know you love me. Amen.

Please pray for me (Jennifer C, Brothers and Sisters please Pray for my Family. ).

Please pray for Tammye.

Please pray for The complete healing of Blond Siples .

Please pray for AB .