Pray for Others

Zoe is a young woman with a history of cutting. Now alcohol has entered the picture. She almost died on the street within the last couple of days. Please pray for her recovery and for strength for her parents.

Excellent Health and long happy marriage and life.

Hello. I am requesting prayer for myself. I know life has its challenges, but the ones I have experienced have left me feeling hopeless. After the loss of my mother my world changed. I had a hard time finding work, my relationship ended, I have a health challenge I'd like's a bit much. Prayer for help, support, healing, and miracles are appreciated. I still have dreams and desires... Thank you.

I am having more surgery on Friday, 7/20. I pray for a successful outcome and blessing for my doctor. I pray for my wife and daughter. Please pray for my family and me.

Dear lord please bind that confusion and conflict between Cynthia and Ronald remove it make them whole again teach them to live good remove all that confusion and tension Ronald is creating between them I am tired stress and frustrated being in the middle of my mother and husband remove all that bad wicked things Ronald is doing towards Cynthia intervene into his heart for him to let her stay until she find a job and move on its been over 10 days they both created this confusion between themselves I am unable to sleep at nights Ronald would repeat this confusion to my ears for hours lord please show me the way I want peace not war intervene in both heart lord I Bianca is not giving up I am weak please resolve this situation dear Jesu in my home remove the devil game in my home I pray and ask this petition and prayer request I your son Jesus Christ name who died on the Todd for us I pray amen

prayer for female acquaintance I met that promised me wigs to come through with what she promised me.

I give you my relationship with Michael. Make it what you want. Thank you. Let me only do what I should do not anything else.

Dear Lord, I need Your divine comfort. Please help healing my elder daughter. Give her courage to face tomorrow and wisdom to appreciate the blessings of friends and loved ones who care about her. Most of all, thank You for Your healing love which strengthens us and gives us peace. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Please pray that my Love is Restored back home now in Jesus Name to be in Love more n more that my bro in law and him are set free by God in an instance that we along with cousin get the Love we deserve that we show to them that my sister n bro in law and my man and me go on vacation our two times with Love that will sweep us off our feet. Respect Togetherness also in Jesus Name. It is Done. Amen

Dear God, I am praying and asking for your help of giving my Brother Kenny the strength and courage to stop drinking beer and all alcohol and to stop driving his truck while being intoxicated.
Dear God, watch over my Brother Kenny while he is on the road. Guide my Brother Kenny to places safely and home from places safely every day and every night. Guide my Brother Kenny to work safely and home from work safely every day and every night.
Dear God, watch over my Brother Kenny, keep him safe.