Pray for Others

Thank you for all your prayers for me and my family. We need prayer for protection and safety for my sister as she drives back to her home from the hospital in another state. We pray for her safe travel there, a safe stay and that all is well at home and that she has safe travel back to the hospital. We need prayer for protection and safety for my husband and myself, my son and his wife and son and in laws, my daughter and her friend and his family members, my other sister and her son, her healing and strength, my brother’s healing as he recovers form a stroke and car accident, my cousins and their family members wherever we may go. All our friends and family members wherever they may go. Healing for my sister in law as she continues to heal. Thank you. EC

Please pray that Father God brings us a new office worker very, very quickly. The one that we had left abruptly due to health concerns and we are in dire need of someone to take that person's place. I pray every day and every night that God brings to us someone who is smart, friendly, honest and who wants to work. Please pray for us!

Prayers for a friends Sonia whom visiting friend Irina had a heart attack at her home. Irina is in ICU with many complications. Prayers for Healing, Peace and comfort for everyone involved and family and friends in JESUS name.

need prayer for a refund request from DFM and DL as I have sent them letters about my purchase and would like them to reply and do things so I can get some kind of help from them since they didnt do their job.

Thanksgiving my job has given me a small raise and bonus.Thank You for the prayers.Please keep praying I can get all of my bills paid off.

Please pray for Mike -to find employment that allow him to soar and be happy..i ask this Jesus name..amen

From all hurt and harm and danger.

I have a recent diagnosis of cancer. Seeing surgeon soon. Please pray for me.

I sent my son Mark a letter this morning and I pray that he will accept it Love after reading it. For God is Love.Thanks.

Please pray for me (To save my marriage JM).