Pray for Others

Praying for others is a way to care for someone, even if they are halfway across the world. When you pray for others, you offer them a piece of yourself, your energy, and your heart. Pray with others to feel an even deeper sense of the prayer community that sustains us through every challenge.

i declare with the blood of Jesus that God will interfere in my life and allow me eric to get keys to my new apartment or house that is within my budget and price range also the angels will intfere and solve the problem of me getting keys to my new apartment or house that within my budget

Please pray for my 40 year old son who is having multiple health problems as well as emotional and financial problems. He is filled with fear and anger and keeps severing communications between us. Love, peace and gratitude.

Please pray for baby Isla Pearl - and her parents. She is sick and not expected to leave the hospital. Would like to ask for prayers for her parents and grandparents as well as healing for her. Thank you very much, Becky -

I urgently need a house of my own.

Please continue to urgently pray for Hayley and Brian to get through a difficult time in their relationship. Thanks to the Lord and prayers some progress has been made but prayers are still needed. The Lord brought them together and helped navigate them through wonderful milestones and memories. I know no one will ever love Hayley the way Brian does. Please pray the Lord helps Hayley realize this and how special Brian and their relationship truly are. Please pray Brian handles stress better and doesn’t get discouraged. Please pray all the loving, romantic feelings and reasons they fell in love come rushing back to Hayley. Brian asked for our blessing to propose several months ago and we gave it without question knowing they were meant to be together and were so happy. Please pray they get back on their journey towards an engagement and ultimately marriage very soon. I am certain when the Lord brought them together he intended for them to be happily married and live a wonderful life together and start a family. Please pray the Lord answers my prayers very soon. Thank you for your continued prayers.

Please prayer for Tara for safety and protection while they are traveling and prayer for my niece Kayla to be a good mother ax nd her and Michale to be good parents and for both of them to prosper in everything they do and for people to stop judging my niece Amen

Please pray fervently Diane exceeds expectations at her new job and gets excellent reviews and gets her report done early today and well!

My son Robert - has married and his living now in - Texas he is starting a church home with his wife please prayer for success in their minister to new people and prayer for a impartation from the Lord for my son and for his blood pressure to remain good not high for him to follow a diet I am very concerned because I have had high blood pressure since I have been in my 30,s and my sister Tara and my father in his 20,s Robert is 27 prayer he will keep a watch on it and if he has to take medicine please prayer he will accept it or prayer the good Lord will heal him Thank you so much prayer Katie as nd Robert prosper in everything they do also prayer for my daughter Melissa and her f a Emily to prosper in everything they do and be healthy and happy prayer for me and my fiance Joe to be healthy as nd happy as nd prosper in everything we do and lean on the Lord for understanding as nd not our own

Please pray (this Mourner’s Prayer) for God to bless and comfort all those grieving and mourning the loss of a loved one(s). Lord, please fill the hole in our hearts with Your love and nurture and guide us through the grieving process. Surround us with your love and let us feel it. Rid us of any fear, anxiety, anger, stress and depression and fill us with Your peace, love joy and happiness. Show us what You are doing in our lives and show us how to respond. Thank you.

Please pray that God’s will be done in the lives of Codey, Cindy, Gloria G, Carol, Rebecca, Jim, Judy and Steve, providing salvation where needed and that they are healed of all the physical, spiritual, mental and emotional diseases/conditions, as applicable. Thank you.