Pray for Others

Praying for others is a way to care for someone, even if they are halfway across the world. When you pray for others, you offer them a piece of yourself, your energy, and your heart. Pray with others to feel an even deeper sense of the prayer community that sustains us through every challenge.

I pray for guidance in the relationship with my daughter. I pray she stay away from alcohol and gambling. May the Holy Spirit fill our hearts with God's love and peace. I need prayers for my son to find a job in the area he likes. I pray for my wife's health. I pray for AA in his battle with cancer. Praise be to God. Amen!

Please pray for Our Lord to bless Mary Jane with strength needed to go thru six chemotherapy treatments and to heal her completely. No more cancer in her body. Thanks for your prayers.

For rjk, thank you for your continued healing of his body and mind. Ease his pain and strength his body. Fill his soul with happiness and joy.

For sw, thank you for your continued healing and strength of her pain and body. Fill her soul with happiness and joy.

For hd, thank you for your continued healing and strength of both her body and mind. Keep her spirit and mind strong. Guide her as she makes some tough decisions. May she find success and happiness at work.

Please continue to urgently pray for Hayley and Brian and their relationship. The Lord brought them together 6 years ago and I am certain he intended for them to be happily married and live a wonderful life together and start a family. Please pray the Lord speaks to Hayley and opens her heart and makes her realize how special Brian and their relationship truly are. Please pray this relationship does not end and they get back on their journey towards an engagement and ultimately marriage very soon. Pray the Lord guides them and doesn’t let them give up on their relationship or each other. Please pray the Lord that brought them together keeps them together. Please pray the Lord answers my prayers very soon. These two special people belong together and deserve another chance at planning their futures together. Thank you very much for your continued prayers.

Heavenly Father - Please put a dear sweet friend in my life. I am so very lonely. Thank You. Amen.

God I pray a shield of protection around T & K’s marriage. Having a blended family, a mental illness and 2 unreliable jobs puts extreme stress on a marriage. I pray for that God would provide job stability for both. God I pray you help them make good financial decisions and not impulsive decisions. They have many situations stacked against them that causes stress on their marriage. Satan wants nothing but to destroy this family. I pray that you give them strength to rise above it. I pray that they strengthen their relationship with you first and then their marriage. I pray that their pastor and church reach out to them and mentor them. Please Jesus in need of a miracle. Bring peace and calmness to their hearts and home.

Please join me in praying for T. We are seeking a miracle. He suffers with being bipolar. Please pray that God would provide a breakthrough with his depression, meds, attitude, self centeredness and healing. God I pray that his anxiety would lessen and he could trust you more. I pray that he could get his anger and irritability under control. Please provide strength and grace to my parents, his wife and kids they tend to be on the receiving end of his irritability.God help him to show K. J, T, M and AJ love and kindness. God I pray a shield around them as he is worried he might fly off the handle. Please God I pray you intervene in T’s life and provide peace, calmness, STABILITY and healing. I’m Discouraged as God provided T with a steady/stable job, but due to his anxiety he quit, he has a new job pray for peace over anxiety, that he will stick with this job, safety and protection.God I pray that you intervene with his struggles/addictions and help him overcome. God please intervene and make a way.

Lord, please watch over and guide David -and Dwayne -. Grant their lives be filled with happiness, good health, love, joy, peace, success and prosperity. Amen.