Pray for Others

Praying for others is a way to care for someone, even if they are halfway across the world. When you pray for others, you offer them a piece of yourself, your energy, and your heart. Pray with others to feel an even deeper sense of the prayer community that sustains us through every challenge.

Please pray for Ross to have safe travel & keep his job until age 55. & for healing for Jenny and the Lords timing for a successful valve replacement. & healing for josh

I need a miracle in my sales job. I have to reach a sales goal by Saturday which will require selling about $4000 worth of my merchandise a day for the ret of the week. I need many customers I've contacted (and others) to come in and buy. Lord grant Your favor in this. I trust in You.

Please pray for my daughter that god will heal her back injury and allow her to return to gymnastics quickly. Please also pray that god will see her through her friendship troubles and ensure she is not left alone without support from friends.

Thank you!

Covet prayer around Gary jr my son He needs the help of the Lord to clean Devils out it of his house/ before he met the Lord anything could be there/ but Health issues drew his heart back to the Lord and his whole house needs cleansing /Now reverse it Lord an bring forth A greater testimony for Jesus is Lord!!! & we step on the heads of seprants.

Please pray for our amazingly talented and bright granddaughter who is suffering from depression and has been hospitalized.

Please pray fervently for me to get: Proof of Age (security clearance) through very quickly - for favour for the administration process to be speeded up-so that I have "Rights to Work" here in Australia.Have lived here for 30 years but have not had to have security clearance before as have worked for entrepreneurial people who hired me on the spot. Please pray as I return to work for: confidence (I can do all things through Christ who strengthen me); presentation - exactly the right hair cut, colour and style plus manicure. Please also pray fervently as I start to obey Father God properly--have an appointment this Thursday 19 September with F. clinic -excellent place that provides assistance to addicts.I need to stop drinking wine and smoking cigarettes. Have been binge drinking for several years. Please pray too for me to select and apply for exactly the right job-15 hours per week maximum in pleasant, professional surroundings with well equipped, up to date office, with pleasant, professional colleagues, with no "evil" people there, no addicts, no personality disordered people, close to public transport and nice shops and cafes.Also a place where I can contribute and serve my employer/serve God.

Please pray for me....the very annoying itchy eyes, throat, cough all of it is back....before I thought it was because of chocolate but I haven't had any in so long....I am preplexed, annoyed, and concerned. Pray for my heart....pray that I can see good in people, that I can forgive and that I can be loving and kind...prayers for my precious son that he will remain alcohol and addiction free, that he will grow stronger and be healthy and happy...prayers for Krissy and Debbie,Dave, Lisa, Karen...God knows and I so need his touch. Thank you

Covet prayers for pattie/ alcohol is destroying her & burying her soul, ruining her relations & it's worse of late/ devil fighting her harder to take out before she makes her peace

God I need your help with my finances. I am asking for your favor to show me a way to resolve my debts.You know my situation Lord and it is overwhelming. I know you will help me and uphold me with your righteous right hand. That is your promise Father God and I wait patiently until I receive your grace Lord. Thank you in advance father God! Great is your faithfulness! Bless your Holy name Lord. In Jesus name I humbly pray! Amen!

My 22 years old daughter and I are living together. Since I had a stroke in 2014, I'm very sensitive, and after living with an alcoholic husband, I'm extremely sensitive. My daughter grew up in her daddy's house. It's my heart's desire that my daughter and I have a happy exciting mother/daughter experience living together before she moves out on her own. We need God's help. This comes as no surprise to Him. HELP!!! Please pray!!