Pray for Others

Please keep me Janet in prayer. Our son Billy just borrowed $600 and said he would pay it back when his check issue got resolved. Now he says it is resolved but can only pay back a little next week. Now m6 husband says I need to talk to our son. 8 hate bring in the middle. I know how they both feel.

Please pray for God's continued mercy and graces on my son David. That He will guide my son to a closer relationship with Him and plant the seed of faith. That my son will heal from any past hurts of his childhood. That my son will be a renewed person with a change in his heart going forward. Thank you.

Please pray...
1.That my husband and I will find something to occupy our time since we retired.
2.We will be blessed with good health and a sound mind and that my eyesight will improve.
3.My daughter and her children will have a blessed school year, and that they will put God first.

Protection, safety, peace, favor, wisdom and guidance for Dee and family. Father, you know. Help please. Send Angels. In Jesus' name. Amen

Please pray for me to get a good nights sleep and to get to work on time in the morning.

Lord please touch me from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet and deliver me from jealousy, envy, hatred, greed, lust, temptation, confusion, dizziness, Anemia, headache, fibroids, high blood pressure, weight loss, goal weight is 155 pounds, cervical cancer, HPV, irregular heartbeat, heart palpitations, excessive bleeding. I am healthy and physically fit sickness and disease are far from me by your stripes I am healed Amen.

Thank you Lord for my new job in the Healthcare field where I can be happy, make a difference, move forward, live up to my full potential and be a blessing to others, full benefits, Monday- Friday no weekends with coworkers and a supervisor that are a team player, reliable, dependable, knowledgeable, God fearing, close to my home paying $21.00/$35.00 an hour Amen.

Christopher, Jordan, Emanuel, Serenity, Cheyenne, Cherokee. Lord please bless them to be a leader and not a follower. Lord please surround them with God fearing teachers, classmates, mentors, friends. Lord please touch the President of the United States and give him wisdom, knowledge, understanding, compassion, sympathy, empathy and the ability to walk by faith and not by sight. I break any generational curses that have been put into place for my family are non in void. I claim Victory over everything the Devil has stole from me and my family will be returned 1000 fold. Lord please bless us to hear your voice and heed your word. Lord please bring us closer together and bring us closer to you Amen.

Please pray with me , that I will find a place to live. I want to retire. I will be 70 years old. The place i am renting is too high, and I might not be able to afford it . I pray for divine direction. Thank you God.

Would you please pray for my father in law, Dave who is schizophrenic; we are trying to find him a place to live.