Pray for Others

Praying for others is a way to care for someone, even if they are halfway across the world. When you pray for others, you offer them a piece of yourself, your energy, and your heart. Pray with others to feel an even deeper sense of the prayer community that sustains us through every challenge.

Please pray for my financial situation. Through a series of circumstances I am in a mess. The credit card company I'm using is charging me 25% which makes it imposible to make the payments and still have enough left for living expenses. Please ask God to help me find a solution.Than ks,_x000d_

I need a place to live and trustable movers to help me - and soon. Surprise, surprise. 59 and we get to be evicted. I pray to God to provide my highest good in this yucky situation and to help me recover from the traumas of the past 10 years and be of good service in the future.

Please pray my home will be peacful this evening and always. I have had such a horrible week here at work. I just want to go home and be able to feel God's sweet peace around me and peace with my companion.

I pray for safe, smooth, and problem free travel, and that it would be a wonderful week in every way.

I humbly pray for Guidance in my quest for finding a christian life mate .I am not sure how to understand K. there are changes and possible end of the friendship.Pray that you would let me know where we both stand In Your will for us.I pray that you take care of K and guide her in her life and in finding a life mate for her.I f we are meant for each other bring us to gether even though there are many obstacles and far apart. I need some one to support me in my work and a partner for life. I pray and make these supplications to You my Saviour Jesus Christ. May his mercy be for ever and His grace upon us. Amenskm

Dear Lord, thank-you for my parents, Dave and Sharon. They have provided me with a wonderful childhood and have become my best friends as an adult. Please protect them in their travels, give them good health, happy days, and a sound mind. I ask this in the name of Jesus, amen.

To whoever may be reading this,_x000d_
I have asked very few things from the lord, I have found out threw time it is not right to ask stuff from the lord like being wanted by anyone, or having parents that want you, or even to have a friend or a girlfriend. For it is only right for me to want to be like the lord, to ask anything else is just wrong._x000d_
But I have asked something over the last 17 years, and that is to be free, let me explain to you what I mean, I grew up in a house hold where no one cares or even likes anyone else, and since I was the oldest sibling I had all the responsibility of helping with chores etc and the younger siblings never had to do anything, well this was not so bad for the first few years, but then my single mother got deeper and deeper into depression and never got out of it, she is always negative and she cant do any chores at all, she can’t even pick up after herself and since my younger siblings never did any chores unless I did everything around the house nothing would ever get done._x000d_
So over the years I became like a Cinderella but of a male version, I was not allowed to have any friends at all, for if I even tried to go to a church small group meeting my mother would start to cry while she was watching television and say that I loved the church group more than her and she would not stop or make my life even worst unless I choose not to go, she felt like I didn’t love her because I was not watching TV with her._x000d_
So day after day, week after week, month after month, I prayed for a chance to leave a house where the mother and sister’s constantly put me down about anything and everything, I got advice from a men’s leader from our church and decided to go to college. So I attended itt-tech and got my Microsoft certifications, but few months before I graduated Silicon Valley crashed and the jobs I should of gotten where now requiring my certifications and a bachelors degree._x000d_
So after not finding any good paying jobs and still having to live with my mother, I decided to leave for a 4 year college, got a co signer for the college loan and since the college was recommend by a church leader I thought it was god’s way of finally getting me free of that place that was constant hell, yelling matches between my sisters and my mother, things getting broken none stop. _x000d_
So after 3 ½ years at college the housing market crashed and the bank I had my loan threw would not give me another semester of loans so I can finish college, they said they were tightening their belts and I no longer had enough credit worthiness to get a loan to finish my last semester there. So I transferred to another college that was cheaper since it was publicly funded and they didn’t have my major so only the basic classes transferred, and within a few semesters my government grants and loan money dried up because the private college was very expensive to get a degree._x000d_
So now I back living with my mom and sisters again, each day another day of hours of cleaning up their messes, cocking every meal for them then cleaning up after them, having to run my sisters around town in my mother’s car because my mom does not want to, I don’t even have a room, I didn’t even have one when I was younger I usually was told to sleep on the couch or on the dining room floor because there was not enough rooms for us all and that my sisters would need a room more then me._x000d_
So now I have over 150,000 thousand in college loans to pay, no degree, every time I go to get a low paying job they say I over educated even if I try to dumb down my application, and I cant get a good paying job because I don’t have a degree. I stuck in the hell hole and don’t see a way out, I been asking for a way out for decades, and everyone would say that if you been praying the same thing and he has not responded by now then don’t ask, but for me to not believe there is something greater out there in life, something beyond this life is worst then dying, for I need hope, I need it every minute to help me get through the day, for every day I put down none stop, treated like crap, have no real hope of ever having a friend or girl friend while I live at my mother’s house._x000d_
So I need help for never letting go of the hope that someday I will be free, some day I can be wanted by someone somewhere, not to give up on the hope that god will deliver me from my severe hardship. Most would look at my life and say I had one of the worst life’s in America if they known how many times I gone through troubles, but I learned to always try to find a bright side, to find the glass half full, I have tried to help many people emotionally, they say to me, peter you have a life far worst then mine, but how can you be of good cheer, I have found unless I look for the glass half full then my life will be even worse, life can always get worst, so be thankful of what you have and what you are given for it can always be taken from you._x000d_
One quote I will end with, even with all that has happened to me, I find myself with things most don’t seem to have, “All those years in prison, Were they for nothing? Or have they given you reserves of strength unlike ordinary men?” quote from man in the iron mask.

My son, Jacob, works for a computer company and while he was repairing a client's computer, he lost their data. He's working to retrieve it so please pray that he's successful.

Please pray for God's will to be reavealed to me in my job & finances

Please pray for Mervin to be delivered from alcohol, drugs and gambling addictions. He's unemployed and does things contrary to the word of God. Pray for submission to God as well and for a job. God bless_x000d_